If you’ve found yourself thinking about Sri Lanka lately or indeed, if you’ve booked your tickets to go to Sri Lanka, then this should be right up your street – the 10 beaches you have to find yourself on when you visit Sri Lanka.

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka

Let’s get started!

1.) Unawatuna Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (10)

Unawatuna is the ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. Nature lovers won’t also be left our here as it’s also a great spot for sea turtle watching. Most of all, it’s the perfect spot for yourself (and your family) to kick back and enjoy that sunshine.

2.) Nilaveli Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (7)

The turquoise waters of Nilaveli effortlessly pulls the avid beach goer into its trap – though to be fair, that’s the best kind of trap to find on holidays! Scuba diving and snorkeling are definitely activities that you cannot pass up on when visiting Nilaveli.

3.) Negombo Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (6)

Stroll along the shore to the sweet sounds of a live band while enjoying the most picuresque sunset Sri Lanka offers. Or enjoy rather deleicious meals from seaside restaurants that adorn the shore. The choice is entirely yours.

4.) Tangalle Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (8)

Nestled deep in Sri Lanka’s South Coast, Tangelle epitomizes the beauty of relaxation. Sun-lusters (another term I just made up) will find that this is the perfect place to top up that tan or just soak in those rays. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!)

5.) Bentota Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (2)

Bentota’s calm waters are perfect for many watersports activities. Holidaying on a budget? The accommodations on Bentota beach range from luxury to budget so no matter what budget you’re on, you’re bound to find somewhere that’s perfect for you when holidaying in Bentota.

6.) Kalpitiya Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (5)

Fancy whale watching? If so, then Kalpitiya has got you covered. Enjoy whale and dolphin watching from as early as 6am and carry on for hours until breakfast time or cocktail time – these are not mutually exclusive by the way, you’re on holiday after all.

7.) Arugam Bay Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (1)

Get that adrenaline rush with a visit to Sri Lanka’s surfers paradise. Experienced surfers can enjoy swells of 5-10 meters and non-surfers can enjoy the experience of watching these pros navigate the waves of Arugam Bay.

8.) Hikkaduwa Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (4)

Hikkaduwa is easily one of the most popular beaches of the lot. Also, whatever your aquatic preferences, you’ll definitely find it on Hikkaduwa beach… that and a whole range of delicious food options from the many restaurants lining the beach.

9.) Beruwala Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (3)

Beruwala (meaning “lower the sail”) is your perfect beach stop when visiting Sri Lanka. It is the ideal place to watch the sunset over a glass of wine… or two… or three… (awww, who’s counting right?)

10.) Trincomalee Beach

10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Sri Lanka (9)

This long stretch of fine sand ideal for long strolls (armed with a cocktail for ‘energy’) and immersing yourself in the beauty of Sri Lanka. To cool off, head for the shade under the palm trees or get your toes wet! The choice, as always, is entirely yours.

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Great list especially since I’ll be there in a few days 🙂



You are going to have the best time ever! Have a great trip. We’re excited to hear what you get up to! 🙂
Lloyd & Yaya


Thanks guys! I will let you know 🙂


Ok so I did have an amazing time! Sadly didn’t get to any of the beaches on your list 🙁 but did go to Mirissa beach which was awesome! You can check my shenanigans out..only if you want to and only if you want to read about me mentioning how amazing you all are…only if you want too 😉 http://wp.me/p58Ozz-lA



Thanks so much for sharing Majean! Okay, that Turtle sanctuary wins hands down!!! Adorable – It’s so great to hear you had an amazing time – thank you so much for sharing. We are hoping to be in Sri Lanka in less than a month so we might need some more advice from you too!

Ps…. In love with your blog post! 🙂 xx

Lloyd & Yaya


Thanks! Means a lot coming from you guys. Essentially you rock. Have fun! Xx


Unfortunately, Unawatuna changed a lot! The picture above has to be quite old, at least 3 years! I’ve been there few times already in Una: in March 2014 it was lovely but one year later they built a beach… It’s quite long story but they used the sand from the bottom of the sea which is darker. And the beach is not anymore so nice and also turtles don’t come there anymore 🙁 still, it’s great place to go out with all the bars and restaurants and it’s the closest to Galle 🙂 and if I want a paradise beach with turtles I always go to Talawella which is next to Unawatuna 🙂 so if anyone is planning to stay in Una don’t expect a paradise beach, but rather places to go out 🙂


Oh no Hanna! Really? Thats so sad 🙁

We are actually in Sri Lanka today and we are going to see if we can squeeze some time into our schedule to see how its changed ourselves.

Di you have a nice time in Sri Lanka?

🙂 x


I love Sri Lanka! I organise my tours for women there 🙂 It’s lovely, beautiful country and it’s amazing that there is literally everything 🙂 mountains, safari, tea estates, culture, ocean… it’s just lovely!
Let me know when you check Una what do you think! 🙂


We definitely will Hanna. 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya


Hi Hanna,

Understand.. Every thing in the world is change by passing time. But how ever we Sri Lankan are waiting for you & Welcome All the time. Still we try to protect what u expect beauty in SL.


Hi Yaya!

Wow!What a great list!I love all these beaches.Nilaveli and Kalipitia are my favourite andhopping to go diving in Hikkaduwa soon.Sometimes you might like to check my post about best beaches in Sri Lanka.(http://travelme-srilanka.blogspot.com/search/label/beach)

Love all the shoots.All of them are amazing!


Thanks so much! Sri Lanka really is a stunning country to explore! So glad you love it as much as we do!

Thanks for the link too! We’ll check it out! 🙂

Yaya 🙂


both my parents are from sri lanka and i’ve been there a couple of times, honestly, i haven’t done half the things you guys did there. from this list i’ve been to five out of the ten beaches here; bentota, beruwala, trincomalee, unuwatuna and hikkaduwwa and they definitely top some of my favourite beaches in sydney.

anyways, i just found your blog and i really love it. i’m a huge believer in ‘you need to see the world to understand it’ and your blog is the hub of all my thoughts. just saying, i’ll probably end up reading all your posts instead of studying for my exams because the ictures are just amazing

xx az


Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means so much to us that you like our blog! 🙂

Really happy we’ve been able to introduce some new places to visit in Sri Lanka too! We’ve just published one of our most recent posts from our trip a few months ago! Such an amazing country! 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya xx

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