Croatia is one of the most diverse European countries for any traveller to visit. From the beautiful landscape of the Biokovo Mountains, cosmopolitan cities such as Split and hundred of tiny little islands, Croatia has an mind boggling selection of places you’ll no doubt want to visit.

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You may have heard all about the beauty and charm of Dubrovnik and the country’s picturesque coastline but have you heard about Croatia’s islands that speckle the Adriatic Sea? This relatively small European country has over 1,000 islands that are just begging to be explored and with most islands within easy reach of the mainland,  the hardest thing you’ll do is deciding upon which you want to visit.

With that in mind, take a look at 10 of the most stunning islands to visit in Croatia.

1.) Dugi Otok

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Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in Croatia’s treasure trove! Located just of the Dalmatia coast, it’s easily reached by boat. Head the the western coast of the island for it’s high cliffs and rugged coastlines and to the town of Sali for some delicious fresh seafood.

2.) Šolta

These Are Many Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Solta Island In Croatia! (7)

These Are Many Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Solta Island In Croatia! (34) These Are Many Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Solta Island In Croatia! (21) These Are Many Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Solta Island In Croatia! (15)    These Are Many Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Solta Island In Croatia! (19)

Šolta is easily accessible by ferry from Split, with a journey taking around 35 minutes or so. Head to Šolta to experience some of its most famous vine yards and olive groves that are still owned and passed down through generations of island residents. You can also rent a bicycle and explore the islands many little towns and farms that criss cross this beautiful place.

3.) Veliki Brijun

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The whole island of Veliki Brijun is made up of the Brijuni National Park that protects this beautiful region. Nowadays the island can be reached via Fažana by boat, with the journey taking a little over 15 minutes. Visit Veliki Brijun if you want to explore some of Croatia’s pristine National Parks and unspoilt natural charm.

4.) Sveti Klement

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Sveti Klement is part of the Paklinski Islands chain that sits just south of the popular island of Hvar. Visit here in the summer months when boat charters can be arranged to visit this stunning little island.


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Officially one of the smallest inhabited islands in Croatia, Krapanj has a rather large population for its size. Sitting only 300 metres from the mainland itself, it is one of the easiest of Croatia’s islands to visit. Head here for a day exploring Croatian island life. While on Krapanj, remember to try one of the island’s delicacies, Squid Ink Risotto, which is freshly made in local restaurants.

6.) Galešnjak

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Arguably one of the most famous islands in Croatia, Galešnjak has become known as the lover’s island. Although privately owned, there are a select few companies that offer tours in the summer.

7.) Sveti Andrija10-beautiful-croatian-islands-youll-want-to-visit (10)

Sveti Andrija, translating to St. Andrew, is a small island close to the island of Vis and part of the Vis archipelago. The high cliffs and dramatic landscape make this a perfect place to visit around sunrise or sunset, providing some great views across the sea.

8.) Brač

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Officially the largest island in Dalmatia, Brač has become synonymous with relaxation. Many locals and visitors alike head here to enjoy its pristine waters and famous coastline. The island even holds claim to creating the stunning Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Much of the white stone used in the palace’s construction was transported from the island itself. There are even rumours that the island’s white stone was used in the construction of The White House in the United States. 🙂

9.) Cres

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Nestled in the northern corner of the Adriatic Sea, Cres is accessible by ferry via Rijeka. One of the larger islands in Croatia, Cres is the perfect place to spend a few days exploring the culture and charm of island life. In the heat of summer, head toward Lake Vrana or its many sandy beaches that line the island.

10.) Hvar

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Both an island and a town, Hvar is a beautiful place to explore Croatian history. Head to Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Grace and to the old town of Hvar for a taste of southern Croatian cuisine where you can sit back with a glass of wine, freshly grilled sardines and succulent olives.

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  • Beautiful islands <3

    Big Dreamer

    • HandLuggageOnly

      So glad you love them too! 🙂

      Croatia is stunning isn’t it! 🙂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Absolutely love this list. I lived in Croatia for a few months last year and absolutely fell in love with Hvar <3

    • HandLuggageOnly

      hold up… did you say ‘lived in Croatia for a few months’. #LifeGoal right there! You must have had the most amazing time Jordan! Wow!

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Laura

    I know Croatia very well because I’ve been traveling there throughout all my childhood with my parents and later by myself, absolutely amazing 🙂

    • HandLuggageOnly

      This is a total dream Laura! Bet you loved every second. Croatia is such a beautiful country – so glad you like it too Laura 🙂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • and Krk:)

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      Ah! How did we miss it out! Noooooo! Okay – we’re gonna have to get some Croatia tips from you for our next trip to Croatia, Tanja 🙂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Ooooh, I really want to go to Croatia now! I wanted to go years ago but never did – I wanted to see this art piece that made the sea in to an instrument and each wave created music…I don’t know where it was now or if it’s still there!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      OMG I’ve not heard of this Emmie. Okay I have to Google it right now! This sounds immense! 🙂

      Lloyd xx

      • I only just saw your response – did you find it? In case you didn’t – I need to make this happen, sea organ + islands!

        • HandLuggageOnly

          We did! Honestly, it might be the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! We really have to experience this now!

          Lloyd & Yaya xx

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