Berlin is a city that totally took me by surprise, albeit not the first time I visited. The first time was with friends (10 of us in total) and we had no expectations whatsoever. The second time we visited it was just the two of us, we’d seen a lot of the sights the first time around which took the pressure off for the second visit.

This lack of pressure to check out all the sights (and the Christmas atmosphere in the city) meant actually being able to relax, have fun and see so many absolutely beautiful parts of this amazing city! It also meant being able to finally head to Potsdam and boy is Potsdam worth visiting!

I’ll have some photos up here soon to show you what I mean but until those are ready, here’s our video from our time in Berlin!


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Come See The Most Beautiful Places In Berlin And Potsdam, Germany (1)

Come See The Most Beautiful Places In Berlin And Potsdam, Germany (3)

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OMG I just came from Potsdam when we went to Berlin post New Years. We were miserably cold so I didn’t take a ton of pictures but it blew me away. Those palaces were incredible! Can’t wait to go back in summer when things are in bloom.


Ah Berlin at New Year must have been incredible, Jessica! What a great city to celebrate the New Year in 🙂

You’re so right, we fell in LOVE with all the palaces, they’re gorgeous aren’t they! We thought the same too, can’t wait to see them in the height of summer! 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya xx


They are the most stunning buildings! I would love to go to this place just to get some amazing pictures! I would love to explore the entire place!

Isobel x

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It’s so beautiful isn’t it, Isobel – Potsdam is so great to visit, especially if you’re already visiting Berlin 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya xx

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