Let’s face it – most people don’t really think “I need a beach holiday“… quickly followed by “Ah yes, England is where we’ll go!” but the sunnier climes of Cornwall are definitely the exception to that rule!

This is no surprise to us (and indeed to most Brits) but can be surprising to visitors who tend to associate holidays in the UK to castles and stunning mountains instead of beaches and recently, we went down to The Watergate Bay to check out what a holiday down by the beach was truly like.

Spoiler alert – it was brilliant! 😉 😀 Here’s the video!


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The Perfect Beach Holiday In England! (2)

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  • That photo of a blissed-out Lloyd in the bath is definitely one of the BEST photos you’ve ever taken. Hands down.

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Hahaha! Thanks Vanessa! That bath tub was pretty epic – especially at sunset!