Truth be told, I tried to avoid this for as long as possible!

From day one, we’d all decided we would have to try the Peruvian culinary delicacy that is Cuy – Roasted Guinea pig. 🐹  Thing is, my only experiences with guinea pigs has been as fluffy, furry pets so the idea of eating them filled me with an equal amount of intrigue and trepidation.

On our last day in Peru, we finally decided to get it over and done with and try it! Here’s what it was like (…oh, and look out for some ‘interesting’ items from San Pedro market too!).


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What's It Like To Eat A Roasted Guinea Pig... In Cusco, Peru? (1)

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  • I’m getting creeped out by just looking at it’s fried up face. Not sure if I could handle the video. I think I’d probably try it in a soup or a taco or something, where I didn’t have to see it’s face looking up at me.

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Oh, we know what you mean! 😂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Julie Hoag

    This is repulsive and disgusting. You should be ashamed posting this kind of crap. Completely wrong!!!!!!!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      I’m sorry Julie but the only person here that should feel any shame is you. Your prejudice is so actually quite shocking and probably so ingrained in you that you realise how prejudiced you are. All around the world, people eat different meals and have done for centuries based on what is available to them. This guinea pig has been a part of the diet here for the longest time because that’s what was available (and also what the people enjoyed) – it’s the same as how some people eat cows, chickens, fish or even how people are vegetarian. Human beings are ominivores and essentially eat whatever is available to them. Just because a diet is different from what you’re used to, doesn’t make it repulsive, disgusting or something worthy of shame, it’s just different – not bad. You certainly wouldn’t feel the exact same way about someone having a beef burger (somehow, even if you are vegetarian, this would seem more acceptable to you because that’s acceptable in the West). Your version of reality and your version of food is not the only version in the world and is certainly not the only acceptable version of food/reality out there..