Edmonton was absolutely amazing to visit and one of the coldest places we’ve ever been – which, by the way, is exactly what we were looking for.

In winter, you want the snow to stick around (actually, in London, we’d probably even settle for just a bit of snow fall, especially around the Christmas time) and you want to feel like you’re able to make the most of the season – Edmonton is definitely a place to visit for that! They have intricate Ice Castles, delicious winter warmer meals and so much more to see and do in the city.

I wanna go back in summer to see how things change when it gets warmer (summer days at 30C here are pretty standard, by the way – again, they do summers here much better than the weather we have in London 😉 ) but I definitely wanna return in winter to do it all over again! Here’a quick video (like 90 seconds long), with 10 things you need to do when you visit this fun Canadian city!


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10 Things To See And Do In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (1)

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  • I have family friends that live in Edmonton but have never visited them, i would love to go soon!

    Abigail Alice 💕

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Yes, ahhhhh – you’ll love it Abigail! 🙂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Those ice caves look magical – I’d love to see those! ❄

    • HandLuggageOnly

      It really was! We fell in love with them!

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Haha love the video! ‘Narnia’ looks AMAZING. Looks like a trip to Canada is in order! 😉

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Canada is incredible isn’t it! We loved it soooooo much! ❤️

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Danielle Theriault

    Every. Single. Time. you post about Canada it makes me want to pick up and gooooo! Like right now!!! | http://ourpassportpages.com

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Ahhhhhhh… it’s such an amazing country isn’t it! So so happy you like it, Danielle 😊

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Kay Nguyen

    Wow the ice caves look unreal! Love your blog <3


    • HandLuggageOnly

      It really was, Kay – the Ice Caves were out of this world! It was so cool!

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

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