It’s so easy to be impressed by waterfalls! The very nature of what they are means that they’re landmarks in themselves; and in a lot of cases, reasons to visit a place in themselves. It’s a funny thing really when you really think about it – it is just water running down a mountain (or hill) but that’s the thing about nature, a lot of the times, the biggest pleasure comes from the simplest things.

Okay, enough rambling from me 😁, if you’re as game for looking for amazing waterfalls around the world as we are, here are 10 places you need to be headed!

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (1)

1.) Victoria Falls, Zambia/ Zimbabwe

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If you’re looking for impressive waterfalls, you’ve gotta start with one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. With a width of 1.7km and at 108m high, the sheer size of Victoria Falls is something you really need to see to comprehend.

Victoria falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sights to see in Africa. Get ready to be left speechless (and soaking wet from the mist).

2.) Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (6)

Thanks to instagram (and, of course, Pinterest) Plitvice waterfalls went from being a place a lot of people hadn’t heard of to being one of the most sought after sights to see in Croatia! And rightfully so too,  rather than being one big waterfall, Plitvice is made up of far too many waterfalls to count – all to impressive effect, of course.

Exploring the colourful lakes and the surrounding area, and following the boardwalks through the waterfalls themselves is one amazing experience no traveller worth their salt will forget in a hurry. 😁

3.) Yosemite Falls, California

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (2)

There are a number of waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, but Yosemite Falls is by far the biggest and arguably, the most impressive, with a whopping drop of 739m. The high cliffs of granite rock make an impressive background for the waterfall, and the surrounding scenery of the park is famously beautiful to explore.

You can see Yosemite Falls from a number of vantage points in the park so you’ll get numerous chances to take the perfect photo while you’re exploring the park.

4.) Angel Falls, Venezuela

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (11)

With a truly awe-inspiring height of 979m, Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, and an item on many a traveller’s list when in Venezuela. The sheer height of this waterfall as it pours over the edge of the Auyán-tepui Mountain will leave you rather impressive (if the height doesn’t impressive – the sheer force certainly will).

The wildlife and stunning views of Canaima National park where the fall is located are an added bonus and even more reason why you need to visit!

5.) Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (8)

Located in the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls is a striking sight – in large part because it flow into a pool of azure blue below, which, contrasted against the red rock of the canyon, provides one of the most striking and colourful effects of any waterfall in the USA.

6.) Niagara Falls, Ontario/ New York

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (7)

Sprawled across the border between the US and Canada, Niagara is another of the world’s most well-known waterfalls. The deafening power of Niagara is something you need to experience firsthand to appreciate.

Niagara Falls is also the world’s biggest waterfall by volume, dropping around 7000 cubic metres per second. You can take the famous Maid of the Mist boat cruise across the waters surrounding the waterfall for a rather fun and different perspective of the waterfall.

7.) Tugela Falls, Drakensberg, South Africa

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With a total drop of 948m, Tugela Falls comes in as Africa’s tallest waterfall (the second largest in the world after Angel Falls) and is more of a seasonal waterfall (with of course, better chances of seeing the waterfall after very heavy  rain). Even without the waterfall, the surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking and totally worth the visit.

8.) Bigar Falls, Romania

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (9)

The natural beauty of Romanian countryside is something we really don’t hear enough about. It’s hard to describe the wonder of the way Bigar Falls is formed, with its tendril-like jets of water spilling down lush green curtains of moss – it’s really unlike any other waterfall on here and truly stands out as far as waterfalls are concerned.

9.) Baatara Gorge Falls, Tannourine, Lebanon

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (10)

Like Bigar Falls, Baatara Falls is a must-see simply because it’s such a huge departure from you typical idea of a waterfall. It flows down through a Jurassic limestone cave known as the Baatara Pothole, giving a truly otherworldly effect.

10.) Sutherland Falls, Milford Sound, New Zealand

10 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Need To See! (5)

There’s a bit of an argument surrounding whether Sutherland Falls is the tallest in New Zealand, or whether the prize goes to Browne Falls in Doubtful Sound. With its amazing cascade set against a backdrop of snow capped mountains, Southerland Falls is a truly stunning sight to see so it’s fair to say it doesn’t really matter if it’s the biggest – it’s certainly one of the most impressive in New Zealand!

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I saved this post for later =o) Definitely going to check out some of these waterfalls one day! So far I’ve only been to Niagara falls on the list and that was years ago.


Niagara Falls was on our list too. We loved it. 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya xx


I thought that I might see Bigar on this list and I wasn’t wrong. It is a beautiful waterfall, especially when it freezes in the winter.


Yes! It’s incredible isn’t it! Such an amazing site.

Lloyd & Yaya 😍


Oh my god, how can you not have Iguazú on this??


Ah, if we could, we’d have a post of the top 100 waterfalls to include. There’s so many we want to show. Haha!

Lloyd & Yaya xx


I LOVE waterfalls, to me the ultimate romantic scene is a picnic in a cave behind a waterfall! I’m so excited to see Plitvice falls this summer although I suspect the experience may be somewhat dampened (LOL) by the tourist soup. Also, if you have Netflix I highly recommend you watch Human Planet – the rivers episode is AMAZING, there’s a scene about Victoria Falls that will make you gasp AND the river crossing scene in Cambodia will give you heart palpitations! x

ps. The Romanian waterfall – the Bigar, the better? 😏

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Oh yeah. Definitely… they’re incredible aren’t they.

Ohhhhh, Human Planet sounds amazing! We’re going to save that on Netflix for sure! Thanks so much lovely lady!

Lloyd & Yaya xx


One waterfall more beautiful than the other! 🙂
(And all of them worth multiple visits.)


You’re so right. 👌

Lloyd & Yaya 😝


Nature can really be impressive sometimes. I have actually been to the Niagara and Havasu falls but I must certainly see the Baatara Gorge Falls in Lebanon which really seems breathtaking.I am working for an events company in London where we list several trips and travel related events; and reading them inspires me. Your article has encouraged me to plan a trip to a waterfall.


Thanks so much, Julie 🤗

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