It’s so easy you don’t even have to lift a finger. I know, crazy right?

This Is The Easiest Way To Professionally Edit Your Photos

I have to admit though, I was a bit skeptical at first. I take far too many photos when I travel and so have spent years trying to find the perfect tool to make editing easier. In fact, I remember back in the day – long before starting the blog when editing photos for personal facebook just seemed like far too much stress that I just used to upload the photos as they were absolutely unedited.

Anyway, after several disappointing efforts, I gave up on easy photo edits and just decided that the only way to edit hundred of photos was to do it one at a time.

(*I kid you not – they are literally hundreds of photos per trip – for example, the photos we had from that trip to Edmonton and Jasper earlier this year was 600 photos – of which I started off with almost 3,000 before whittling it down to the 600+. Peru alone is like 800+ photos).

Anyway, cut to a couple of weeks ago – I think it must have been when we were actually in Nepal (at least count, I have almost 5,000 unedited photos from that trip) when I found out about Photolemur.

Photolemur is an app which pretty much does all the heavy lifting for you through what I can only imagine is modern day magic. Like seriously, I have no idea how it works but effectively, it works a bit like AI (artificial intelligence), studying each photo before making changes specific to that photo.

You don’t even need to monitor it while it works, you just drag your photos into it and let it do its work – leaving your free to do other work, or in my case, to figure out where in the world you stashed away your caramel biscuits while trying to hide it from Lloyd rumbling tummy (sidebar – I found them at the bottom of my backpack where they had pretty much been crushed to powder – save for the caramel bits).

I can’t tell you how big a grin there was on my face after trying Photolemur for the first time. There it was, the easiest and smartest automatic photo editing app I’d ever seen. I subsequently ran over 100 photos through it and with the exception of 1 or 2 I wasn’t so keen on, everything turned out amazing! I’m sooooo sooooooooo pleased about this and rather than go on and on I figured I might as well show you properly with some photos.

It is worth noting though that the editing while it’s automatic and easy, does take a little bit of time. This isn’t time that you need to do anything at all, it’s just time that the software uses to analyse the photos before deciding how to edit it. It’s not lightening fast – and not that it needs to be anyway – but it’s certainly so many times faster than you every would be, if you tried to edit the photos manually.

ALL of the photos in this post have been edited using only Photolemur and to better show you how Photolemur works, here are 15 before and after scenarios so you can actually see what it is I’m talking about.

Obviously all this technology doesn’t come for free but at $3 a month (which is like £2 a month), it’s safe to say that this won’t break the bank! In fact when you think about it, buying something like Lightroom (one of the cheaper tools) costs like £110 – which is like 55 months on Photolemur subscription, which leaves you with so much more free time on your hand (they don’t have to be consecutive months either– you can choose to pay for just the months you need it for) is pretty much a no brainer.

Also, you have no ‘upgrade fees’ with Photolemur which you would at least 2 – 3 times in that same 55 month period with other software so again – no brainer.

Best part of all of this though is that you can take it for a test drive before you decide if you like it or not. 🙂

Download it for free here and test it for free for 7 days. Oh, and do let me know what you think once you do. 🙂


Use the sliders in the middle of the photos to see the ‘before’ (on the left) and ‘after’ (on the right) effect of using Photolemur

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

Scenario 6

Scenario 7

Scenario 8

Scenario 9

Scenario 10

Scenario 11

Scenario 12

Scenario 13

Scenario 14

Scenario 15

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  • Explore a Corner

    Wow. This looks awesome. I’m making a note of this so I can trial runnit when I have a big bunch of photos to edit. I’m usually too lazy to edit many photos so if needed will just do auto fix stuff on my phone. They normally turn out okay but these are way better than okay!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      We totally know what you mean. It takes seconds too. We love it. It’s really helpful when you have a huge batch of pics from a trip.

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Mao

    The comparison is definitely drastic. I will definitely give it a try. Your photos were amazing to start with but the app makes it even compelling. Thanks for sharing.

    • HandLuggageOnly

      So happy you like them. The results are great aren’t they.

      Lloyd & Yaya 🙂

  • Pretty amazing!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      We loved it too, Emily.

      Lloyd & Yaya 🤗

  • Jason

    This is awesome guys! We are just getting to launch and have been looking for something to make photo editing less time consuming, but haven’t found the right tool yet. This seems perfect! Much appreciated and keep passing along all this great info for us newbies! Cheers!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      So happy you found it useful Jason. Ahhh, amazing, we’d love to read your blog? When are you going live?

      Let us know if you ever need any tips or advice etc.

      Lloyd & Yaya 🤗

      • Absolutely! I am literally playing around with some photos as I type this. Pretty amazing!

        The wife and I have been planning our exit from the corporate world for a little over a year now. She just put in her notice this week! I will be quitting my job next week. The blog should go live in about a week or so! We plan to travel the world exploring the planet’s best beer, wine, spirits and bars…think breweries, vineyards, distilleries, etc. and writing about the history and culture behind the booze in each country.

        We are starting off in South America for 5 months (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and two short weeks in Panama). Then we’ll be heading to Europe and Asia for 2018.

        Thank you for the offer for advice and tips! We can say your website has been a tremendous help and inspiration since we started researching and learning about the travel blogging as a career. If you have any specific tips for South America, that’d be great!

        • HandLuggageOnly

          Ahhhh, this is amazing! Okay, please do forward your link/Twitter etc once it goes live – we’d love to follow along.

          That feeling and buzz of quitting your job to travel is just amazing isn’t it… yes, a little bit of fear was there for us but it really drives you to do what you love.

          Looking forward to seeing everything go live!

          • Much appreciated Yaya! Our Twitter handle is @Intoxworld. We are live on all social already. Just have a few touch ups to do on the website before it goes live, but I will definitely let you guys know once it is up.

            It is really hard to explain the feelings we have going on right now. It is a crazy feeling, but I am sure you can relate! We are both planners and basically had our whole lives planned out until our one week annual vacation last year was sabotaged by sickness which led us to reevaluate our lives! We are giddy with excitement, but there is obviously some nervousness of the unknown.

            Will keep you guys updated. Keep up everything you guys are doing and inspiring others to live a life they love!

        • Vick Fichtner

          Hi Jason!
          I love your idea, traveling with a purpose jajaja… A great one!
          Since you asked about South America, if you need to know anything about Brazil I can help you! I hope if you go to South America you do visit my home country, it is an amazing place and a lot of travellers just ignore it…They go to Argentina, Uruguai, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia… What about Brazil??? 🙁 – I actually just wrote about it on my blog, my latest post!
          Here is my article but please feel free to ask me anything you need to know, I would love to help – Plus we have great alcohol and amazing bars there that I can recommend! 😉

          • Vick, thanks for the offer! We want to go to Brazil so badly, but due to route we are taking (starting in the north) and the limited amount of time we have in South America, Brazil and a couple other countries had to be cut from this trip. With that said, we are definitely planning on heading back to South America at some point and will almost definitely be starting there since it was a place we were very excited to visit.

            I’ll definitely check out your post about it so we have some insider track for when we do finally make it there! Are there any booze related specialties that are unknown to foreigners that we should look into?

  • Oui In France

    Oh my gosh, that’s incredible! Like Explore a Corner said below, I’m going to give it a try when I have a big batch of photos to edit!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      We loved it too. It makes total sense when you have hundreds (or thousands) of pics from one trip. We found it so useful.

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • Tamara Wilcox

    So I am fascinated with this app, and I want to know more! Is it an app you can only use on your phone, or can you use it on your desktop, too?

    • Valerie Moore

      You can use it on your desktop:)

      • HandLuggageOnly

        Thanks so much Valerie 🙂

    • HandLuggageOnly

      You can indeed. I love using he desktop version – it’s so handy when you have a massive album. 🙂

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

  • How cow this program looks (and sounds) awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      It’s like the easiest thing ever. It’s been so helpful when we coming back from a trip with 1,000’s of photos.

      Thanks so much lovely lady xx

  • Vick Fichtner

    I`m an even bigger photo freak than you are, I had photos of one 7 days trip and I never have less than 500… I`ll definitely try this app, since I`m also a perfectionist freak who edits photos one by one in photoshop – Of course, I have now like 6 trips that I never had the time to edit the photos, just a few I published in social networks…
    One question and one comment, though:

    1) Now I bought my new amazing-I`m-so-in-love-for-you new Sony Alpha 7II camera and I can shoot Jpeg with great results, but before my perfectionism was so intense I only shot RAW – Yes, a whole trip in Raw files… Call me crazy or maybe masochist would be more appropriated…Question is, does this app only work in jpeg files?

    2) I love how the greens and the blues turned out, I do not like the reds though, they seem over saturated for my taste ( I do admit I have a pet peeve with bright reds, it just bothers me, no reason why…

    3) That actually turned into 2 questions and 1 comment… If I don`t like the result in one photo, can I undo it, or is like a batch editing? Does the app saves the original file as well?


    • Valerie Moore

      Hi Vick! I am Valerie from Photolemur team. Let me answer your questions:)

      1) Feel free to try it, as we support RAW formats as well.
      2) Thanks for your comment, we’ll take it into consideration.
      3) Once you import photos to Photolemur they start being edited automatically, however, the original files are not replaced. If you don’t like the result, you can simply delete the photo from the app (don’t worry, the original file will not be deleted:)) and then export other photos. Original files are not replaced.

      Thank you for your feedback!

      • HandLuggageOnly

        Thanks so much, Valerie 🙂

      • Vick Fichtner

        Thank you Valerie! I`m going to Lisbon next week, and will come back with thousands of pics, I`ll definitely try the app!

        • Valerie Moore

          Have a nice trip! 🙂

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Haha! This is so amazing! It’s hard to stop snapping those shots isn’t it! Was just about to answer the questions but it looks like the lovely Valerie from Photolemur has helped. Thanks so much for all the details Valerie.

      Wow!!! A whole trip in RAW! How do you deal with space. This is epic!

      Lloyd & Yaya xx

      • Vick Fichtner

        I always carry two 16GB SD cards and have two 1TB hard drives at home… But lately with the Sony A7II I`m using RAW for night shots, no need to use RAW for the day shots as the camera is amazing and almost no retouch is needed!

  • Chadwick

    I’m not keen on the greens it produces. Some of them look a little… atomic… eg. the wedding, or the trees in scenario 5. Also, the white balance correction on the Northern Lights has removed the green colour from the lights. Is there any way to manually correct for this?
    However, as you say, for a quick and easy way to batch process hundreds of images, and get most of them usable, this seems good value.

    • Valerie Moore

      There’s an automatic correction only to make the editing process as quick as possible, however, we do our best to make the results look perfect. Thank you for your feedback:)

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Thanks so much Chadwick. It really is amazing for quick and easy batch processing isn’t it.

      Thanks so much about mentioning about the greens too, I think there’ll always be a few shots that you’ll want to manually edit. Whenever I bulk edit there always seems to be a few I just want to give that extra bit of attention towards.

      Lloyd & Yaya 🤗