Today, we got an alert saying that Hand Luggage Only (yup, the very same one you’re reading this on right now), just hit the 1 million monthly page views milestone. 1 Million!!! WOW!!! 🎉 I can’t even fully process it – mostly because I can’t picture 1 million of one thing in the same place. … Continue Reading

3 years ago, to this day exactly, in my college room back at Cambridge University I found myself with a free day. This almost never happened! See, you know the way you see photos of students at Uni fooling around and kicking it in the pub on a Saturday? That wasn’t our lot on my course. … Continue Reading

… yeah, you know its coming so grab yourself a glass of bubbly while I sit down and brace yourself while I sing your praises! 😀 But first, I’m going to break with protocol and talk a bit more about numbers. This year, we’ve seen numbers on the blog grow to amounts we couldn’t even … Continue Reading

This is gonna be really quick… or at least I’m gonna try to make it a quick one. 🙂 You might (or might not) have noticed the radio silence from us on the blog the last few days and there’s a reason behind that. We’ve been getting ourselves a little upgrade – not one that you … Continue Reading

These days, starting a blog is relative easy. This is particularly the case if you decide to use platforms like Blogger or Tumblr where everything is pretty much ready to go as soon as you create your account. Other platforms like (which is very different from takes a little more effort but is … Continue Reading

There’s something I’ve noticed on travel blogs lately and while, this is not the kind of post I would usually write, it’s been at the back of my mind for long enough that I just feel like I need to call it out. That thing is a programme/scheme called Travel Blog Success (I refuse to … Continue Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these kinda personal posts but for some inexplicable reason (or maybe it’s the chocolate high I have right now from eating far too many bars of snickers), at this very moment it just seems like quite an apt time to write this post so do bear with while … Continue Reading

You can file this one under miscellaneous. 😉 If you don’t have a blog, you can probably skip this post. If you do have a blog, you will most likely find one (if not all) of these tips really useful! I started off the post wanting to tell you about one thing that I recently … Continue Reading

And these tips and tricks come directly from the folks at Pinterest and so you can count on every single tip and trick here. This isn’t a guess-timation of how to best use Pinterest or even about me telling you how I use Pinterest, this is about the kind (and rather cool) folk at Pinterest … Continue Reading