Okay, I know this is technically not food but it’s kinda food related and it’s an easy enough drinkhack that I’m just gonna put it up anyway. 🙂 Last summer, London got unbelievably hot and my flat being up on the 20th floor tended to get water that had been even further heated up even … Continue Reading

You’ve probably noticed how different the website is looking now! Yup – it’s been relaunched and this time I promise to post regularly with lots of photos, travel stories, travel tips and advice and savvy ways to save money on your travels! There are a few new things you’ve probably notice now too… I’ll give … Continue Reading

One of the best pieces of lamb I have ever tasted. I will be working on replicating this dish and sharing it on the blog very soon but for now, I figure I could leave you with a little taster. This was in Reykjavik in Iceland and I always assumed that Welsh people had the best … Continue Reading