If I were the postcards sending type I would like to think that these are some of the photos that I would send as as a postcards from Australia but alas, I never really send postcards. I have nothing against them – au contraire, I actually like receiving postcards and I never throw them away … Continue Reading

The art of selfie-ing is a truly delicate one. ūüôā It takes a lot to get the right balance of face and background in the photos but once mastered can cement your position as the envy of all ‘your Facebook friends’. “Your Facebook friends’ however are very different from ‘Your friends on Facebook’ and unfortunately, … Continue Reading

We’ve all been there – you get your flashy new DSLR camera after using your old (or perhaps even new) digital camera or even your iPhone/Android phone for ages and ages and suddenly, you’re stuck with this beautiful, functional and, quite frankly, expensive¬†DSLR camera¬†that you have no idea how to use or what quite¬†of the … Continue Reading

Bit of background: I’ve been quite lucky to have spent the last few months living outside of the UK. Funnily enough, for all my love of travelling, I’d never been to Asia before and so this was ¬†a summer of firsts. The first opportunity I got, I packed as much travel as possible into every … Continue Reading

1.) At the Louvre in Paris, France 2.) View of Portugal from¬†S√£o Jorge Castle, Lisbon 3.) On Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia 4.) Maya Bay, Thailand 5.) Phi Phi Island, Thailand 6.) Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 7.) View from the Top of the O2, London, UK 8.) Rice Fields in Bali, Indonesia 9.) … Continue Reading

A quick journey through Hong Kong via a collection of photos I took. Needless to say, more detailed blog posts with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time and money when visiting will be coming up soon but for now, take a little journey through Hong Kong… Buddhist Monk … Continue Reading

Bali is a truly diverse holiday destination to visit. From stunning¬†lakes and beaches to amazing views views of volcanoes,¬†Bali’s¬†diverse scenery is rivalled only by the diversity of it’s people and here are some of them – along with the skills they possess: 1.) The Weaver 2.) The Food and Drinks Guide 3.) The Wood Carver … Continue Reading

Photography is an art form in itself I believe and so it doesn’t, nor should it, comply to rules. Some people say things like always take photos with your back against the sun (so that your subject is properly illuminated) but I have seen very powerful and moving photos where the opposite¬†of that advice has … Continue Reading

Marrakesh is a visual feast! One of my favourite things about being in Morocco and Marrakesh in particular is how colourful everything is. From the spices in the souks to the outfits worn by locals and visitors alike to even the landscape, Marrakesh is truly one of the most colourful travel destinations out there. I’ve … Continue Reading