Budapest is one of the largest cities in Europe and one steeps in history and culture! I was looking forward to visiting long before we’d even booked tickets to go though I wasn’t expecting to be in awe of the city as much as I was upon arrival. First things first, things in Budapest are … Continue Reading

Part of growing up is maturing, learning more about yourself, and I guess, some basic life truths and it is safe to say that travel, in a lot of ways really helps you do that. I think (and I’m open to your thoughts on this) that travel makes you grow a lot of more because you … Continue Reading

There a lot of travel advice out there and while some are generally inspirational, they can sometimes feel a bit hard to relate to or even irrelevant and outdated. These however are some of those travel gems that have not only provided inspiration but whose message stays relevant even today where you can potentially take … Continue Reading

Yup! You heard right! 🙂 The south of France is synonymous with beautiful beaches, great weather and I guess a truly decadent lifestyle yet it is also full of so much amazing history and sights. In the interest of full disclosure, I hadn’t really heard much about Nimes until I was looking on for … Continue Reading

It was my friend’s birthday this weekend and we all converged in the countryside for a proper knees-up to celebrate said birthday! The day itself involved quite a lot of wine, beers and cider  – along with generous lashing of delicious pub grub before the evening descended into a state of thoroughly fun organised chaos. The … Continue Reading

Sometimes, when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the madness of the city that is London, it’s so easy to forget how beautiful and magnificent it is! Sometimes, it takes having to show visitors around to remind you of that. In truth, most times, I love London (it is … Continue Reading

I’m just gonna jump right into this one! First off, dump all your things at your hotel/hostel/flat/friend’s flat and head on out to the city. It’s best to do this on foot however if you’re not close the city centre, hop aboard a tram and head on it. Great, now that you’re in the city … Continue Reading

The UK, and London in particular, is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. People flock in from around the world to take in the sights and sounds in the UK all year round and even ‘little’ University towns like Cambridge are constantly filled with tourists. The main attractions for most people visiting … Continue Reading

These are items that you probably never heard of before or even considered buying but you’re in need of them and here’s why! 1.) Mini Projectors: How else would you have gotten to watch the Breaking Bad finale on the go? This will save you from screaming and rushing in a mad panic for the remote … Continue Reading