Found these and figured they were worth sharing. 🙂 Yeah, yeah, I know we’re supposed to be discussing about some serious travel stuff on here but it’s always nice to take a break and let the powers that be on the internet distract you…. and, if you’re anything like me, these distractions are always welcome! … Continue Reading

After several months in Asia (and a brief stint in Australia), I must say it’s nice to be back home. 🙂 After experiencing a vaste amount of new and different things almost on a daily basis, there’s a really nice and feeling about settling back into the familiar. That being said though, there are also … Continue Reading

One of the most vital parts of any trip to Singapore is to get yourself a Singapore Sling! For those who don’t know what it is don’t fret, it’s not a sling of more ‘adult’ type.. Hehe! A Singapore Sling is a cocktail! There is so much history behind the Singapore Sling and it is probably one … Continue Reading

Bali is a truly diverse holiday destination to visit. From stunning lakes and beaches to amazing views views of volcanoes, Bali’s diverse scenery is rivalled only by the diversity of it’s people and here are some of them – along with the skills they possess: 1.) The Weaver 2.) The Food and Drinks Guide 3.) The Wood Carver … Continue Reading

You always start off with grand plans – it’s gonna be all great, healthy balanced, fruit and vegetable filled meals when you travel but somehow, hunger, desperation and food-envy lead you down the wrong path of eating the worst kind of food. This is great when you’re away from home for a few days or … Continue Reading

1.) The Ice Hotel in Sweden: Completely carved and re-produced each year, the Ice Hotel is most definitely the destination of choice for those looking to stay somewhere a little different. Constructed each year in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden – this hotel is made entirely from ice! Even the beds! If you are looking for that special winter … Continue Reading

Bến Thành Market is one of the more exciting places to visit in Hồ Chí Minh City. It’s a chance to truly get stuck in with the locals and test your bargaining skills. It’s a very different experience if you’ve lived in the UK and are so used to fixed priced items that the idea of bargaining never … Continue Reading

1.) Oaxaca, Mexico: The culinary destination of Mexico, Oaxaca packs in so much more than food. It’s a truly alternative holiday destination for most Mexico-holiday-planners, chock-a-block with stunning sights yet well renowned across the land for it’s food! A truly diverse holiday destination. 2.) Tokyo, Japan: Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world … Continue Reading

Judging from the popularity of the last “Starter for 10” post, it’s safe to say that you love the opportunity to travel – especially so when it’s free! I am exactly the same and have spent the last few hours rummaging the internet for ways to travel the world for free. Here are some of the best ones … Continue Reading