The final part of the Nordic expedition and the home of the Nobel prize – Oslo! Didn’t find any old Vikings however did find some trolls! 🙂 Nice start to the expedition I say…hehe!!! Excited to be in Oslo… clearly! Time for a gander about town…   …before wrestling a statue for my scarf! Lloyd … Continue Reading

Next up on the Nordic Expedition, we head off to Gothenburg, Sweden – the land of ice and beautiful people! Okay, that’s a Swedish stereotype but to be fair, there was a lot of ice around and beautiful people so… Right… now, where was I? Oh yes, so we arrived in Gothenburg after a rather early flight … Continue Reading

A few days ago I realised that I had barely touched any of the Nordic countries on the blog and I just knew I would have to rectify that straight away! In order to rectify that I figured I’d so a mega blog post covering the countries way up North but as it turns out, the … Continue Reading

Come take a journey with me to find out where the last dragon lay… This day was one of those days that was filled with unexpected delights! I’d long driven past this little village and never been to explore it and today, on the search for something but not looking for anything really, we all … Continue Reading

That’s right folks! You read that right – Hand Luggage Only is hosting it’s very first giveaway and we plan on having many more soon! Obviously this giveaway might be more apt for some folks rather than other but we promise to giveaway more stuff EVERYONE can use! Without further ado – here are this … Continue Reading

This is one of the things I’ve missed about living in the UK! We spent a brilliant afternoon doing nothing in particular on the beach and taking in the views across the UK’s coast line. I love faffing around on lazy days like this (aren’t they just the best?!) especially so when the weather’s so nice and warm! … Continue Reading

We’ve already covered off the islands that should be on your travel radar so I take it you don’t need much of an introduction to this (check out the previous post if you do) but I guess what wasn’t mentioned in that post was that one of these islands contains one of the most secluded and … Continue Reading

In the last month alone, I’ve been to Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, U.A.E., Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Macau. I know this sounds like something of a #HumbleBrag but what it highlights are a diverse set of countries with different cultures, customs and indeed different laws yet within all of these and I guess because of … Continue Reading

1.) At the Louvre in Paris, France 2.) View of Portugal from SĂŁo Jorge Castle, Lisbon 3.) On Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia 4.) Maya Bay, Thailand 5.) Phi Phi Island, Thailand 6.) Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 7.) View from the Top of the O2, London, UK 8.) Rice Fields in Bali, Indonesia 9.) … Continue Reading