When my friends suggested booking a trip to Thailand, I immediately jumped on board – Thailand is a one country that possesses some of the most magnificent sights in the world and a travel destination that beckons to millions of people each year and rightly so. You may have noticed a lack of blog posts these … Continue Reading

Do not leave home without downloading this on your phone! And they’re all free!!! I’m something of an apps hoarder, I have almost 5 pages of app folder – not just pages of apps, apps within app folders and as you can imagine my apps count (as in the ones actually installed on my phone) is … Continue Reading

I absolutely love the UK so I may be a little bit biased but I genuinely feel like it has some of the nicest places to spend a summer (or winter) holiday. Unfortunately, a lot of places in the UK which offer a greatly different range of experiences and sights get easily over-looked for places … Continue Reading

You arrive in the hotel after an early morning flight – what the first thing you do? Get some sustenance! Upon arrival in Porto, this is exactly what we did –  got my priorities straight you see. Hehehe! After wandering around for a bit, we finally found this restaurant on the waterfront and figured it was … Continue Reading

It’s that time of the year again! The summer party holiday season is here (or around the corner for some)! Holiday-time with friends and the general opportunity to let your hair down and de-stress coupled with the promise of having a crazy (in a good way) time with your friends is definitely one of the highlights … Continue Reading

This is important stuff so pay attention people. 🙂 It’s safe to say that I’m obviously not the first person to have been on a hammock and being on holiday in Spain – especially after a rather nice lunch and quite a lot of Sangria, I figured I’d retire to the comfort of the hammock under … Continue Reading

I’m too excited to sit still – I’ve almost fallen off my chair in excitement and no, this is not one of those times where I’ve had way too many cups of coffee! I’m very pleased to announce that *cue dramatic pause* THE DEPARTURE LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN!!! Confused? What is The Departure Lounge? I … Continue Reading

It happens to the best of us – monday morning arrives and all we can think about is heading on our next holiday! Planning your trip can be a daunting task in itself – Where to go? What to do? How long is the flight? Is it sunny? These questions all amount to what usually … Continue Reading

My friend had been saying for months (almost a whole year actually) that she wanted to celebrate her birthday somewhere outside of the UK and as amazing as the idea was, the process of organising flights and accommodation for even 4 people is daunting to me at the best of times let alone organising for a … Continue Reading