Marrakesh is a visual feast! One of my favourite things about being in Morocco and Marrakesh in particular is how colourful everything is. From the spices in the souks to the outfits worn by locals and visitors alike to even the landscape, Marrakesh is truly one of the most colourful travel destinations out there. I’ve … Continue Reading

We’ve got both girls and guys covered here! We’ve basically spent the afternoon scouring the internet to find items that are the perfect blend of summer-whimsy and wallet-friendly. scoured the internet all afternoon. First off we’ll start with the girls… N.B.: Click the arrows to scroll left and right and click on the item itself … Continue Reading

This tiny little island located in Devon in the UK is one of the UK’s best kept secrets! Located at one of the lowest points you can get to in the UK, this tidal island is actually connected to the mainland at low tide and is truly the epitome of ideal British country living. Oh … Continue Reading

In Phuket, Thailand… Isn’t she just the cutest baby elephant ever?! She’s such a poser too! She’s one of the first elephants I’ve ever seen and definitely the most adorable of the herd! She loves bananas! She also loves a sneaky little bit of gossip too!

Whilst still on the topic of pools… Your afternoon dose of holiday lust is served right up! I can’t even handle how much I wanna check this out. It looks so amazing and like a lot of fun – especially if there’s a big group of you. Apparently the pool is spread over 20 acres … Continue Reading

… said no one ever! 🙂 Okay, let’s take a couple of steps back. Now if you’ve been keeping up with the goings-on on Hand Luggage Only, you’ll probably remember when I said I’d just booked a stay at the Marina Bay Sands for a mini staycation in Singapore. Yes I know it’s kinda indulgent … Continue Reading

…and the type of couple you’d typically find in these cities.  These cities on the list are cities that have been voted time and time again as amongst the most romantic in the world and with good reason too. Romantic cities tend to possess key elements that help new relationships blossom. A idyllic-ness about them … Continue Reading

Travelling is truly an experience that enrichens you. Exploring new cultures, seeing exciting new sights and tasting food that goes beyond what is typically conveniently available to you definitely comes with the benefit of expanding your horizon and generally being fun! That being said, I’m not now, nor have I ever been – a one … Continue Reading

Phi Phi Islands are a truly stunning set of tropical island and one of the gems in Thailand’s holiday destination. The main island, Kho Phi Phi Don, is the mainstay of many a holiday maker, and is truly beautiful yet bustling with life and activity! Tourists going about their pursuit of sunshine fun while locals go … Continue Reading