Paris is a gem of a city, it’s a place buzzing with activity, charm and delicious treats which all make for a perfect visit to one of Europe’s most iconic cities. If it’s your first, second or gazillionth time visiting Paris, you’ll no doubt be excited to sample and explore the city, but as we … Continue Reading

Norway’s beautiful fjords are the things of legends! They, are reason in themselves alone, to visit this amazing country yet this being said, Norway is about so much more than its stunning fjords. There’s so much history, culture and a whole range of other idyllic natural sights worth seeing in Norway and one of the best … Continue Reading

When most people think of travel essentials—especially travel essentials for guys—it’s safe to say most minds probably never go straight to skincare. Tech gadgets, practical shoes and luggage most often spring to mind, but grooming products never seem to be the most obvious. Yet when you stop and take a moment to think about it … Continue Reading

Nestled in between the tip of Scotland and Iceland, this tiny island nation is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries to explore. The Faroe Islands may well look a million miles away, but it’s a lot closer (and accessible) than you might think. This small archipelago feels like one of Europe’s most untouched and isolated nations… which, … Continue Reading

Geneva is a gorgeous city, one that’s filled with mountains of chocolate, some incredible history and a water-jet that’ll put any fireman’s hose to shame! 🙂 Surrounded by the Alps to the south, the city is a perfect place to begin your adventure in Switzerland. After many years of itching to visit, we finally made it to … Continue Reading

Norway is an incredibly vast country and somewhere that should be on every travellers radar to visit. It’s not just that the scenery is incredible, or that the whole country offers such amazing opportunities to explore its natural beauty but also because of its towns and people who are so warm and friendly… …I’m not … Continue Reading

It’s that time of year again, the leaves have started falling, Jack Frost has reappeared and the only thing that’s keeping your fingers warm is that spiced latte that you’re hugging for dear life! There’s a whole multitude of things to love about winter and it really is a beautiful season to travel, especially if … Continue Reading

Europe is one incredibly awesome continent to explore! With so many things to see, do and discover, it’s the perfect place to plan your travelling adventure and immerse yourself in its diversity of cultures, history and delicious foods! As with any visit to a different country, or in this case, continent, particularly so if its your … Continue Reading

Even though Luxembourg is smaller than most other countries, it certainly doesn’t lack in great things to see, do and eat on a trip there. From the likes of Luxembourg City (with its lovely charm), delicious food (that’s so moreish) to the beautiful castles and rural charm that span the country. One of the best … Continue Reading