Swiftly following on from the Winter travel look for the lasses, we’ve got a winter travel look (and how to get them) for the lads. You know how this works already! 🙂 Carry on to see the looks and how to get them… LOOK 1 (Similar sunglasses here, jackets here and here, shoes here, shirts … Continue Reading

Been on the market for a new winter coat and so I rope my friend Georgia to go perusing the shops in Central London yesterday (as you can probably tell from this instagram). As with any shopping trip, we got distracted and actually ended up having a successful day eating ice cream (the weather was … Continue Reading

Winter time is one of my favourite times to travel. I’m a huge fan of holidays that are chock-a-block with sunshine (who isn’t?) but Winter holidays can be as exciting as summer holidays, especially when planned properly and stay nice and cosy! Not sure how? Well make sure you pack these with you when you … Continue Reading

For most of us, Australia is a pretty long way away (even from places closer like Bali, the flights are still a few hours away) so a trip to Syndey is definitely one you want to pack in as much stuff as possible. On our trip to Australia from the UK, we flew to Dubai … Continue Reading

London is filled with activities to do all year round however it gets totally transformed during winter and there are some activities that either aren’t available at any time of the year or are dramatically different during winter. Here are some things you just have to do in London this winter:   1.) Go Ice … Continue Reading

“Hello, my name is Yaya and I am an apps hoarder.” I have a habit of downloading apps on my phone with the hope of using them at some point and yet never opening them once or even acknowledgeing them until my phone start to run out of memory and I need to delete some. … Continue Reading

Moving to a different country can be one of the most exciting yet most daunting things a person can do! I have been fortunate enough to have lived, both in different countries and in vastly different cities in these different countries (I’ve lived in Africa, Europe and Asia) and can definitely say that over time, … Continue Reading

Okay, let’s play a little game. There’s this little well-known theory (little well known because I just made it up) that most traveller fall into one of 5 categories and so today, for a little bit of pointless Saturday afternoon fun, we’re going to try to figure out which group you below to. The groups … Continue Reading

One of the biggest things I learnt this past weekend visiting Gipuzkoa is that the Basque language is very different from Spanish (or indeed French). I’d been to Spain quite a few times in the past and so I assumed that I would be able to throw around all the Spanish phrases I’d learned (which … Continue Reading