This week, we’e quite pleased to have a second guest post – this time from Kate at The EtiKate Butterfly. Kate knows a thing or two about etiquette (which I’ve gotten the opportunity to experience first hand) and would love to share a few airplane travel tips and general etiquette to help you make the most … Continue Reading

That’s right folks! You read that right – Hand Luggage Only is hosting it’s very first giveaway and we plan on having many more soon! Obviously this giveaway might be more apt for some folks rather than other but we promise to giveaway more stuff EVERYONE can use! Without further ado – here are this … Continue Reading

Souvenirs are an essential part of any holiday and while for the most part, holiday souvenirs are pure ‘tat’ and items almost produced with an immediate future in a dustbin somewhere, other pieces of holiday souvenirs can easily become treasured items that are reminders of the amazing time you had away. Here are a few … Continue Reading

After travelling through 7 countries in just over a month, it’s safe to say I’ve very quickly discovered quite a few items that I would like to aid (and abet) my travels. Can not explain how much I want these right now! (I plan on ticking these off my list with immediate effect – bugdet … Continue Reading

You always start off with grand plans – it’s gonna be all great, healthy balanced, fruit and vegetable filled meals when you travel but somehow, hunger, desperation and food-envy lead you down the wrong path of eating the worst kind of food. This is great when you’re away from home for a few days or … Continue Reading

We’ve got both girls and guys covered here! We’ve basically spent the afternoon scouring the internet to find items that are the perfect blend of summer-whimsy and wallet-friendly. scoured the internet all afternoon. First off we’ll start with the girls… N.B.: Click the arrows to scroll left and right and click on the item itself … Continue Reading

Travelling is truly an experience that enrichens you. Exploring new cultures, seeing exciting new sights and tasting food that goes beyond what is typically conveniently available to you definitely comes with the benefit of expanding your horizon and generally being fun! That being said, I’m not now, nor have I ever been – a one … Continue Reading

Travelling is a truly great way to not only have fun, eat decadent (or really strange) food and see amazing sights but also a great opportunity to learn a lot. I know, I know… this sounds so cliche but it’s actually really true. A lot of the things you’ll have learned won’t be instant ‘lightbulb … Continue Reading

 Above: An actual picture part way through our road trip! Without further ado, here are the 12 essential things you need to take with you on any road trip! 1.) Food and Drinks (no alcohol): Eat. Drink. Drive. Repeat. is the most essential yet probably not the easiest mantra to have on your road trip – especially when … Continue Reading