Seattle was the very first city (the very place full stop) that I visited in the US and as such, it’s a a place I hold a very soft spot for. Visiting other US cities and travelling across the US for weeks on our road trip further confirmed that this soft spot I had for … Continue Reading

First things first, Florida is one huge state! Coming from Europe, it’s sheer size can be something of a surprise and indeed trips from places like say Key West (down South) to Orlando (which is kinda in the middle), can take about 7 hours to drive – if you do the drive non-stop. The flip-side of … Continue Reading

New Orleans is something of an assault and a delight to the senses! Colourful streets, delicious food, amazing street parties and brilliant music are just some of the things this city is famous for but one thing that always remains with anyone who visits is how unlike any other American city New Orleans is. The … Continue Reading

One of my favourite things about the US is the absolutely stunning natural beauty – something that you can find in pretty much every state you visit however they don’t come more dramatic and more beautiful than in Yellowstone National Park. Famous for being the world’s first national park (it was established back in 1872!), … Continue Reading

Barcelona is one of Spain’s (and Europe’s) most iconic cities.  It’s a great place to experience Catalan culture, beautiful architecture and incredible views. Obviously, with any visit to a new and exciting city, costs can spiral, especially if you’re wanting to squeeze lots in. If you’re anything like me when you travel, you’ll save money … Continue Reading

There are so many reasons why we all travel – to see the sights, to spend time with loved ones, for work, to relax… the list goes on and on. One of our new-found favourite reasons to travel is to drink wine. Okay, fine, it’s more than drinking wine – you also get to learn … Continue Reading

Glittering glass buildings surrounded by architectural wonders and snowcapped mountains… …sound like somewhere special? Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a perfect gem of a city nestled within the Andes Mountains. The city’s incredible mix of ancient tradition, European influence and beautiful wonders of the natural world, leave you with plenty of things to see … Continue Reading

Rome is just one of those cities that’s bound to impress even the most pessimistic of travellers. There’s just so much amazing history behind (and indeed historical sights within) the city and let’s not even to begin to talk about the food… oh, the food!!! Despite popular sentiments that visiting Rome is best done in summer, … Continue Reading

France is beautiful, it’s one of those countries that’s just so much more than its beautiful cities. Of course you’ve got the stunning architecture and gorgeous sights to see in Paris… but there really is a whole country of incredible sights and beautiful places that are well worth a gander at during your trip to France. … Continue Reading