No matter where you travel to in the world, waterfalls are always an amazing sight to see! The sight of that rushing water, cascading with at amazing speed with ferocious intensity always make for great viewing and amazing travel photos. There’s something also intimidating about the sheer strength of the waterfalls which only add more … Continue Reading

1.) London: It’s every traveller’s delight to spend some time in London. Not just because of how pretty it is, or how steeped it is in history and decorated by brilliant architecture -one of the key reasons to visit London and keep coming back is due to the diversity of activities you can get up … Continue Reading

I’m one of those people who genuinely gets over-excited whenever I see a place on TV that I’ve seen in person. It doesn’t even matter where it is, as long as I recognise it (or indeed even if I have no idea and someone reminds me that I’ve seen it) I can be found almost … Continue Reading

1.) Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: I expect Elsa to burst out singing from this castle at any moment! 2.) Bamboo Forest, Japan: The pure essence of calmness and serenity. 3.) Pena National Palace, Portugal: Looks like the birth place of adventure and summer romance! 4.) Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland: Somewhere in here is a princess (or … Continue Reading

“Where???” you ask. Palawan is a set of islands in the Philippines that can easily and rather justifiably be described as one of the most naturally beautiful places you can ever visit! Not convinced? Well carry on scrolling down… Now do you see what I mean? 🙂

As can be expected, as winter beckons (at least here in Europe and of course across the pond in America), more and more people are starting to plan things for 2015 but hang on just a minute – we’re still in 2014. There is still a month and a half left until the end of … Continue Reading

Growing up, watercolours used to seem so amateurish to me. Probably because this was the first medium I tried to use to paint and as you probably already know, I am a terrible painter/artist. I can’t draw, I can’t really paint and even if you asked me to draw a dog now, I’m pretty sure … Continue Reading

For most of us, Australia is a pretty long way away (even from places closer like Bali, the flights are still a few hours away) so a trip to Syndey is definitely one you want to pack in as much stuff as possible. On our trip to Australia from the UK, we flew to Dubai … Continue Reading

Seeing as I can’t give you all you need to travel the world for free, here’s the next best thing! Hopefully one (or perhaps even all) will help you travel (at least, part of) the world for free! 1.) Fancy an all expenses paid road trip to Alaska (worth £4,000)? 2.) Or perhaps the warmth … Continue Reading