Switzerland! The name alone conjures up images of the finest chocolates, intricately designed luxury watches, some hardcore neutrality and bank accounts with more zeros than you can imagine! Yes, the Swiss have definitely got the luxury niche covered on all fronts but there’s so much more to Switzerland than this. Together, we’ll walk through a … Continue Reading

I have a confession to make. I have never been skiing. Initially, I just couldn’t be arsed with the cold – actually, that coupled with the fact that I’m not the most graceful person on ice generally put me off wanting to ski! Over the past few years, the desire to ski has grown in … Continue Reading

One of the most exciting parts of travelling is discovering new and rarely ventured travel destinations that are true gems and offer an experience you can’t get in many other places. This definitely holds true for a lot of French villages. The cities while offering all the mod-cons we have grown accustomed to, sometimes lack that … Continue Reading

Some are natural. Some are man-made. Some are underwater. Some are new(ish). Some are old (like really ancient). What they all have in common is how amazing they are to see and experience! It may be tricky to see all of them but it’s definitely worth setting a goal to see as many as possible. … Continue Reading

It is one of those big life decisions, proposing to your partner. In every culture world-wide the partnership of Marriages, Unions, Blessings and Civil Partnerships comes along-side *gasps* – a proposal! 🙂 There are many marvellous places to propose to your significant other and obviously the place where you plan to propose (or even want … Continue Reading

One of my favourite things about travelling is getting to see new animals in person! Even without travelling, I’ve always been a fan of animal documentaries – David Attenborough got me hooked from a young age and so you can just imagine my delight and surprise when I get to see these animals I’ve seen … Continue Reading

These places are ‘off the beaten track’ for a number of reasons but should definitely find a way of sneaking into your travel itinerary. Forget the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and the bright lights of London and even Machu Picchu (at least for a second 😉 ) and check out some of these … Continue Reading

GoPro has really stepped up their game! I’ve gone so quickly from being an very ambivalent about them (though quite impressed by the versatility of the video recording equipment) to being quite impressed by the improvement in photo quality! I found these today while perusing ‘tinternet’ – turns out they were taken with a GoPro on a … Continue Reading

The pride of Britain lies within it’s country side and there are fewer places in the UK to get an truly authentic experience of British life than in its villages. These villages are very (VERY) tiny and, as a result, have some of the most intimate and friendliest communities across the UK! What these villages … Continue Reading