Now while New York might have the crown as one of the most popular cities to visit in the US, if you’re even remote interested in American history – Boston is the city you really should be headed to! Oh, and lobster here is dirt cheap… you know, just in case you’re still looking for … Continue Reading

Manchester, in the north of England, is easily one of the most fun cities to visit in the UK! My earliest memories of the city involve several absolutely amazing nights out, followed by a hunt for as much food as I could handle the next day while recollecting our adventures across the city from the … Continue Reading

Montreal is pretty much the epitome of French Canada. It is after all the largest city in French-speaking Quebec province in Canada (2nd largest in all of Canada) and as such, covers the breadth and depth of all things French and Canadian! It’s also a pretty fun city to visit and the food here is … Continue Reading

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is such a fun, eclectic and brilliant city. It’s got a fantastic mix of old and new, delicious food (always a travel favourite of mine) and a smattering of fantastic sights worth seeing dotted across the city. Before visiting Seoul, we (like a lot of travellers out there) … Continue Reading

Within the first few hours of visiting Hong Kong, I was already convinced that this was a place I could very easily call ‘home’ even if just for a few months or so. Coming from London and then living in Singapore like I was at the time, Hong Kong just felt so familiar. The amazing restaurants, … Continue Reading

I never went backpacking through Asia. This was probably due to a lot of reasons but if I’m truly honest, the most important one was probably because the thought of backpacking through Asia just never even crossed my mind. Thing is though, I still always wanted to see a lot of Asia and so when … Continue Reading

The Hamptons has a long history of city slickers visiting its gorgeous shores, enjoying its ice-cream and generally basking in this small slice of heaven. It’s likely, if you’ve ever been, or live around the east coast, that you’ll have heard about the Hamptons (or at least seen them in the movies). One thing is … Continue Reading

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been before or if you’re a first-timer – the South of France is one place that’s guaranteed to be an easy yes when it comes to deciding where to holiday. The beautiful beaches, amazing food and plethora of cute little French villages to pop into only serve to add more to … Continue Reading

We all deserve a cheeky getaway, whether that is for a little escapism, special treat or just an excuse to explore a new and exciting place – we all deserve a little time to indulge. Two of the biggest things that can affect our ability to travel is time and money… those two crafty things … Continue Reading