Munich is Germany’s third largest city and the capital of Bavaria – a part of Germany known for its beer and its world famous Oktoberfest! If Berlin and Munich were sisters, Berlin would be the edgier, cooler sister (the rebel) with Munich being the posher, more-well behaved one (but not afraid to let her hair down … Continue Reading

Croatia is much loved amongst many-a-traveller. If you’re not already a Game of Thrones fan, chances are that you’ll love a good beach holiday and even if you don’t like either of the two, you’re bound to be at the very least a fan of beautiful villages and cities, especially so if they have a … Continue Reading

Edinburgh is one pretty special Scottish city! The sights of Edinburgh, such as; the castle, the Royal Mile and Arthur’s Seat are pretty well-known but there are a whole heap of other places that every visitor should see. whether you’re in the city for a few days or a little longer, digging a litter deeper into … Continue Reading

The Scottish Highlands are one of the more remote places in not just Scotland, but in the UK, to visit but you definitely shouldn’t let that stop you from visiting when you’re in the UK – the Scottish Highlands are also one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of the UK to visit. There’s all … Continue Reading

Spain is easily one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit and is without a doubt, a great place to explore by road (as we have personally found time and time again). The thing about Spain that makes it a particularly great place for a road trip is the sheer diversity across … Continue Reading

Chocolates, watches and cheeses, these are all thoughts that cross your mind when you think about Swizterland and things that make me (and you, I imagine) very happy indeed. 🙂 Of course, apart from generally making fantastic things, Switzerland is a treasure trove of natural wonders (case in point – the Swiss Apls) and the … Continue Reading

Banff, both a town and the name of the National Park the town is located in, is easily one of the most recognisable places in all of Canada! A quick peek through Instagram or Pinterest for this absolutely picturesque part of the world will very quickly leave you longing to visit and check the sights out … Continue Reading

Ireland and its picturesque rolling hills, beautiful town and villages, famously friendly people and stunning castles are pretty much a must-do for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good old fashioned road trip! It’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world and some of the sights here are nothing short of ‘magical’ (and I’m not even … Continue Reading

Australia is a big ol’ country and filled to the brim with exciting experiences and beautiful landscapes that you’ll want to discover and what better way to see them, than with your very own road-trip. From its ridiculously beautiful beaches and coral reef, the vineyards (yum!) to the incredibly vast National Park network, your road trip possibilities … Continue Reading