You arrive in the hotel after an early morning flight – what the first thing you do? Get some sustenance! Upon arrival in Porto, this is exactly what we did –  got my priorities straight you see. Hehehe! After wandering around for a bit, we finally found this restaurant on the waterfront and figured it was … Continue Reading

This is important stuff so pay attention people. 🙂 It’s safe to say that I’m obviously not the first person to have been on a hammock and being on holiday in Spain – especially after a rather nice lunch and quite a lot of Sangria, I figured I’d retire to the comfort of the hammock under … Continue Reading

My friend had been saying for months (almost a whole year actually) that she wanted to celebrate her birthday somewhere outside of the UK and as amazing as the idea was, the process of organising flights and accommodation for even 4 people is daunting to me at the best of times let alone organising for a … Continue Reading

Following a fairly short-ish ride (circa 3 hours) filled with warning about impending hurricanes, we finally arrived at New Orleans – the home of jazz, distinctly tasty food, Mardi Gras and jazz! This was definitely one of the most-anticipated stops on our road trip however, we arrived truly tired after a very busy day, late … Continue Reading

Morocco is one of the more memorable places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and particularly so is the city of Marrakesh! I’m not entirely sure what it is about it that makes it so exciting – perhaps it’s the raw unpretentiousness of it all, the Arabic heritage, the hustle and bustle of people going about … Continue Reading

Route 66 is known as the “Main Street of America” and a long-a*s street it is indeed! Route 66 starts in Illinois and ends in California and, if you look at the map below, you can see why it has this name. It effectively cuts across America and is arguably the most famous highway in U.S! … Continue Reading

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and easily the most romantic city in Italy! I know Paris is well-known for being ‘the romantic city’ but don’t be fooled, Venice easily rivals Paris for this title. Plus it has amazing ice creams so for me – it absolutely wins!!! 🙂 Venice is … Continue Reading

The lengths we will go to look for beaches, eh? Like I said in the previous post, looking for great beaches in Singapore has been a bit of  struggle however due to some time-staking research, I finally found what is apparently Singapore’s best kept secret! What is this I hear you ask? Lazarus Island Beach! … Continue Reading

I need some advice! As part of my holidays anywhere, one of the things I enjoy the most is trying out local food! I’m such a foodie at heart and I genuinely get excited once I know there’s food involved in a trip anywhere. That is of course until I came across the Durian Fruit. … Continue Reading