Plus, a cheeky snap I took of the Northern Lights last night! As you already know, we’re in Iceland – hence why you may not have been hearing much from us lately but I’ve been updating out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with some (just some) of the experiences we’ve had so far! Just in case … Continue Reading

And no, that is not a typo. A few days ago, we got to try out a rather different gift-giving service called Tinggly. The idea behind Tinggly is that you can buy a gift for loved ones without really having to decide what the gift is. This makes it particularly handy when it comes to … Continue Reading

I spent the better part of the day putting together this video from our recent trip to Bratislava. I know I’m yet to put the full photos up (asides the initial ones here) but I figure one of the best ways to show off a city is via video as it captures angles and aspects … Continue Reading

Yup! That’s right! We’ve turned that blog post into a (mini) movie! Check out the video below (or head over to our Youtube channel) and let me know what you think! 🙂 THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST IS AVAILABLE HERE.

We’ve got a new video up on The YouTube channel! There’s no real point to the video. It’s Christmas and it’s London and so a video happened! 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAY FOLKS!

Yup! It’s that time of the week/month again! New Video Time! Our YouTube Channel has just been updated with THE FULL VIDEO of our time in the Basque Country. Complete with (awkward) voice-over by me! Check it out and let me know what you think.      

In a shocking revelation this week – I found video footage from our first trip to Amsterdam! Okay, “shocking” is an overly dramatic way to put it (the quality of the video clips however – now that’s shocking!). In any case, we were rather pleasantly surprised to find these videos and they pretty much capture … Continue Reading

We have a new video up on our You Tube channel!!! I spent 5 minutes trying to think of a catchy or perhpas even eloquent way of saying this but I just ended up having to blurt it out! The video involves Lloyd and I answering quest… Actually, you know what, I’ll let you figure … Continue Reading

Our very first video on our new You Tube channel has just been released! Woohoo!!! *falls off chair in excitement* We’re so excited about this new addition to Hand Luggage Only and we promise to start to upload more and more videos and make this a regular thing! For now – here’s our video debut!!! … Continue Reading