My very first experience in Austria was a ski trip to Zell am See which somehow managed to turn into a full-scale obsession with this amazing country. Photo after photo on Pinterest further fuelled this obsession and just in case you were wondering why you should go to Austria or what you should get up … Continue Reading

I love winter. The cold crisp air, snow and picturesque beauty always leaves gives me fond memories of good times. I always ‘try’ to embrace the cold and love that feeling of wrapping up in a toasty coat and gloves while burying your chin within a fluffy scarf, the only thing that could make it any … Continue Reading

Personally, I’m more of a summer kinda guy but the best thing to do with any season, regardless of personal preference, is always to make the most of it. In summer, get outside, have as many alfresco lunches as you dare and spent many lazy weekends napping underneath the sun in the park but come … Continue Reading

I went skiing for the first time recently – you probably know this from this post here (and here) and my countless Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates. Before going skiing, we did all the typical planning – get ski gear, find our how to get to the town, sort out ski passes, figure out where … Continue Reading

It is so beautiful here!!! Okay, as you know, we’re currently in Austria skiing and as you can imagine with any skiing holiday, we’ve been so busy that it’s been tricky to do a blog post update hence why I have been providing more realtime updates on  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but I have now found … Continue Reading

As you already know, we’d been planning on going skiing and we have arrived in Austria to do just that! By now you already know the drill and know that I will be keeping you updated on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with all the details and no doubt hilarity that will ensue from what is actually my first … Continue Reading

We’re going skiing!!! And yes – you read that right! 🙂 We’re off skiing in Austria very soon and I’m particularly excited about this! (Do you remember when I said around Christmas time that I’d love to go skiing soon?) Well, my friends (also know as, my enablers) recently suggested going skiing and within a few hours of toying … Continue Reading