A few hours by plane from the United States, the British Island Territory of Bermuda is one stunning little place to explore. This gorgeous island is one place you should definitely consider visiting, especially if you want to experience a tropical paradise that’s perfect for a little rest and recuperation. For some reason, I’d always … Continue Reading

You might remember that time we went to Antigua… well, I went to Antigua and Lloyd went to Barbados for the week and we had a little competition from both islands to see which one was the more fun island! There was a daily theme and every – best sunsets, favourite views…etc Anyway, here’s my … Continue Reading

The Caribbean has, literally, hundreds of little islands that dot its tepid waters! From the beauty of Aruba, the many beaches of stunning Antiqua to the crystal clear waters of Barbados, the Caribbean are truly a holiday-maker’s paradise. Barbados offers so many opportunities to see and experience a mind boggling array of different Caribbean delights hence making it a … Continue Reading

I think it’s fair to say that no one really needs an excuse to want to visit the Caribbean, right? 🙂 The Caribbean have long since appealed to travellers across the globe and are becoming increasingly accessible to lots more people which is definitely a great think. Now, you’ve decided you want to go to … Continue Reading

Due to some confusion or the other (or perhaps it was rum punch related), I managed to miss the complimentary St James Club catamaran trip (St James Club is where I stayed in Antigua) but despite this, I knew I had to see Antigua by boat properly. Thankfully, there are a lot of options available here … Continue Reading

After leaving the Interpretation Centre in Antigua (see the first part of this post to find out more about what it is and why it’s important), we headed for Shirley Heights. Shirley Heights is famed in Antigua for it’s sunday parties and beautiful sunsets (seriously, you can even see the island of Montserrat from up here) and so … Continue Reading

As nice as a resort might be, after chilling out for the first couple of days, I was itching to head out and see more of Antigua. Oh, and there was also the fact that the Caribbean Challenge with Thomas Cook Airlines (which Lloyd and I were taking part in – with Lloyd being in Barbados) involved showing off different … Continue Reading

A trip to Antigua would be incomplete without a little visit to St John’s – the capital of the island. I visited outside of the main hours most visitors on the island tend to visit – unintentionally I might add, I just happened to have rented a car and subsequently decided to make the most … Continue Reading

There are not many Abbeys where you can fill up on delicious rum, get wolf-whistled in the forest gullies and learn how to play croquet so a trip to St. Nicholas Abbey in Barbados definitely makes for a mandatory addition to your Bajan itinerary! The home of rum, Barbados has a range of distilleries that still produce … Continue Reading