Edinburgh is one pretty special Scottish city! The sights of Edinburgh, such as; the castle, the Royal Mile and Arthur’s Seat are pretty well-known but there is a whole heap of other places that every visitor should see. whether you’re in the city for a few days or a little longer, digging a litter deeper into … Continue Reading

I have no idea how I ended up living in Edinburgh. I never had any real ambitions to move to Scotland or to live in Edinburgh but ambitions or not, I ended up calling Edinburgh home for about 4 years. To be honest, I absolutely LOVED living in Edinburgh, the quality of life here is … Continue Reading

Scotland has it all, doesn’t it? Deep fried mars bars (that I’m still too scared to try), Hogmanay, Annie Lennox, J. K. Rowling (who once said of herself “They see me Rowling, they hatin’…“) and of-course those wonderful kilts that I genuinely wish I could pull off! Despite the fact that kilts don’t suit me, there … Continue Reading

Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most charming cities, filled to the brim of things to do, sights to see and experiences to be had. With well over a thousand years of rich cultural history, Edinburgh has to be on your “travel lust list”. Edinburgh is easily one of my favourite cities to visit and even … Continue Reading

Edinburgh is filled with an amazing mix of bars and pubs that cater to all tastes and tipples. From cool bars with bespoke cocktails, to fine brand whiskey houses, Edinburgh does not disappoint in it’s range of great places to drink. Across the city, from the Royal Mile, Leith and George Street, the eclectic mix of bars … Continue Reading

Scotland is a country with an impressive heritage! It’s culture, music, food and countryside all make this wondrous country great! Most visitors to Scotland will no doubt want to take in at least one of the picturesque castles that are dotted across its beautiful landscape. Whenever I visit Scotland I always try to visit one local … Continue Reading

Having lived in Edinburgh for quite a few years, it’s easily one of my favourite cities in the UK and with good reason too – it’s absolutely pretty, has such strong history, amazing traditions, really friendly people and is a traveller’s delight – which is also why it makes sense that it the most visited … Continue Reading

If you’re planning on visiting the UK (or if you already live in the UK) then you should definitely try to see at least one! Each one of these buildings is impressive in its own rights and forms such a strong part of the UK’s history that you would be hard pressed to not be … Continue Reading