We arrived into Generalife absolutely panting after running all the way from the Alhambra! With our flights to catch in a few hours and palace entry closing in less than an hour, speed was of the essence! Thankfully, Generalife is so much smaller than the Alhambra and so after a short walk through the elaborate … Continue Reading

Leaving the beautiful city of Ronda, there was one place on our visit to Southern Spain that I knew we had to find a way to fit into our travel plans and that place was The Alhambra. For ages I’d been obsessed with The Alhambra and when I knew we’d be near enough to drive … Continue Reading

Alhambra is a palace in Spain and it is magnificent. It is centuries old having it’s origins back in 889 (yes, not 1889… 889!) and it is an amazing piece of architecture. As you can imagine of course, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site (and rightly so) and a source of inspiration and … Continue Reading

Beautiful beaches, glorious sunsets, amazing art, stunning buildings, delicious food, lovely people…. there are so many reasons more why a trip to Spain is recommended (and enjoyed) by a lot of travellers and so we’ve put together a list of our favourite cities in Spain! Each one has it’s own unique character and reason to … Continue Reading