Scotland has a long history of delicious food and not just those infamous fried mars bars, Irn Bru, or Buckfast that readily spring to mind. Scotland has a huge variety of delicious meals and yummy treats that will satisfy any taste bud. One thing that most of us don’t realise, is that modern Scottish cuisine has … Continue Reading

A road trip is an incredible way to see a country especially, the truly stunning, Great Britain! One of the best things about our wonderful country is the vast amount of diverse sights to see (and perhaps even marvel at) that stretch the length and breadth of our island. 🙂 Last year, I decided to see much more … Continue Reading

Some of the best parts of Scotland are its beautiful, wild and rugged countryside – a part of the country that has long captivated the hearts of travellers, not least so because of the gorgeous landscapes and scenery here. Now while a lot of this can be explored by road (and indeed by rail) some of … Continue Reading

Edinburgh is one pretty special Scottish city! The sights of Edinburgh, such as; the castle, the Royal Mile and Arthur’s Seat are pretty well-known but there are a whole heap of other places that every visitor should see. whether you’re in the city for a few days or a little longer, digging a litter deeper into … Continue Reading

The Scottish Highlands are one of the more remote places in not just Scotland, but in the UK, to visit but you definitely shouldn’t let that stop you from visiting when you’re in the UK – the Scottish Highlands are also one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of the UK to visit. There’s all … Continue Reading

We’re pretty lucky, here in the UK, we’ve got shed loads of amazing National Parks that are as varied as they are beautiful. From the Welsh coastal national parks in the west, to the rolling hills of the English countryside there’s a whole heap of stunning natural beauties that’ll have you racing for the hills! 😉 … Continue Reading

I say it time and time again – there’s no better way to explore the UK than via a road trip. Granted, public transport in the UK is pretty great (even if a tad expensive and delayed on Sundays) but it’s no substitute for taking time slowly to really enjoy the length and breadth of … Continue Reading

One thing that always stands out about Britain is its diversity; beautiful national parks, vibrant cities and a pretty epic hoard of quirky and unusual things to see and do that we can all enjoy. Being a Brit (and hence inherently biased), I think everyone needs to spend some time in Britain, even if it’s … Continue Reading

The United Kingdom is a pretty diverse country that’s perfect place to explore at any time of the year. The plus side of our summers being erratic is that our winters aren’t particularly extreme so there’s no ‘wrong’ time to visit the UK. With literally hundreds of  cities and towns,  shed loads of castles and multitudes of … Continue Reading