After horse riding around the stunning Faroese countryside, we headed back to the hotel to ‘thaw out’. It was sunny but that wind still carried a chill that only excitement seemed to combat (you know, one of those moments where its only once you get off the horse you realise how cold you really are). … Continue Reading

Exploring the Faroe Islands is hungry work and so, after a rather busy day on the island, it’s easy to understand why all my thoughts switched right from sight-seeing and exploring straight to food! Luckily, in Tórshavn (the capital of the islands), there’s quite a lot of choice for delicious food (Faroese or otherwise) and as … Continue Reading

Think of a European capital… any capital and it’ll probably be a global city like London, Paris, Berlin, Rome or perhaps even possibly one that you live in yourself? I’m guilty of this of course… when the cogs start turning, my imagination goes straight for these well-known destinations, but there’s a whole array of marvellous and quaint … Continue Reading

A visit to the Faroe Islands has always been a dream of mine… ever since I discovered all about them many a year ago! I’d love to tell you a long, romanticised story of how I longed to visit the Faroe Islands since I was a young boy…etc but honestly, I only really knew they existed once I started … Continue Reading