Croeso (Welsh for Welcome) to my post all about Wales. Particularly West Wales, but I will try and name a few important places to visit while in Wales.

I have had much experience of visiting multiple places in Wales, Actually I must admit I have previously lived in Wales, but I still go back now and again to enjoy and consider it a privilege to go! Wales is truly a beautiful country, with the most amazingly diverse landscape you can imagine. From the Rugged Snowdonia National Park (claiming the highest peak in both Wales and England) to the pictureseque Italian village of Portmeirion and the cosmopolitan capital city of Cardiff that boasts some amazing shopping, culture and arts.

Getting there: For me, Wales is somewhere I always like to visit. For me, a week in Wales, exploring the country by car or train is awesome! There is a small airport in Cardiff, but also consider Bristol or Birmingham Airport (there is a direct train to West Wales from the airport). If you are travelling from London, why not take a Virgin trains service to Birmingham and connect to the Arriva Trains Wales service to West & North Wales.

Welsh Culture & Food: Once arriving in Wales, you will notice straight away how friendly people are, always willing to help. Welsh people are very proud of their heritage and culture – and rightly so! From embracing their own language for many thousands of years, to ensuring the survival of their heritage through festivals that celebrate everything Welsh (try visiting the Eisteddfod, a Welsh festival that emodies everything from signing, dancing and eating). Don’t forget to try Welsh cakes and Cawl (lamb based stew) Yummy!

You can also try some fresh cuisine in many of the West Wales Coastal towns such as Aberaeron, where farmers markets operate selling foods such as honey ice-cream, Welsh cheeses and even freshly caught fish, including my favourite, Scallops pan fried in Garlic butter!

Natural Beauty: Do also take a trip to Snowdonia National Park if you like walking/hiking, a great place to see the awesome nature that has shaped this beautiful land! Also I don’t think that any trip to Wales is complete without a trip to Portmeirion, an idyllic Italian village nestled on the coastline in Snowdonia – such a great place to spend a day!

Hotels: There are some great hotels to stay in around Wales. Do take advantage of many of the independently owned guesthouses around West Wales. Or if your looking for a little more luxury head to the St. David’s Spa in Cardiff for a few nights and enjoy the vibrancy of the city alongside a calming, soothing massage.

If you have enough time, head to a rugby game at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. Wales is famously committed to rugby, a sport that is much bigger than football in Wales. If you can, try and take in the atmosphere at a game, its friendly and a great day out!

Look Out for Dolphins: If you are heading to the largest town in West Wales, Aberystwyth, try and take in the world famous electric cliff railway, this is not for the faint hearted. It is very steep but it is well worth the view. Top Tip: head up the cliff on the railway as the sun sets and watch the sun disappear behind the Irish sea while watching out for dolphins in the bay! Magical.

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