10 Must-Have Travel Apps!!!

Do not leave home without downloading this on your phone! And they’re all free!!! I’m something of an apps hoarder, I have almost 5 pages of app folder – not just pages of apps, apps within app folders and as you can imagine my apps count (as in the ones actually installed on my phone) is in 3 digits! Over the last few years, I’ve come to realise I only ever use a handful of these apps and those apps I use – I use a lot!!! They vary from useful sources of information to offline maps and communication apps. I tend to depend on them even more when I’m away from home and this is a list of the best travel apps available out these!

(N.B.: The links provided are for iPhones/iPads but I think there are equivalent Android apps for Android phones)

The Top 10…

1.) Offline Travel Guides (by Stay.com): These are amazing! Not only do they highlight the top sights to see but they also provide access to an offline map with GPS location finder which lets you know where you are in any city. These have been so invaluable in the past and are a staple holiday app.

2.) Skype: Skype has just gotten better and better with time! I wasn’t so keen on Skype years ago – I mean I was glad to have it but never excited by it. Lately however, I’ve come to rely on it while travelling and it has been amazing. I guess this is what happens when you focus on

3.) Viber: This app is kinda like Skype but because I (and most people, I imagine) started using it before they began offering paid services to call phones directly this has meant that a lot of people have adopted it as a free online calling app. It has a wide range of people who use it (you’ll be surprised by who you know who’s on it) and it is a fantastic app for catching up with everyone when you’re away!

4.) Whatsapp: With 100s of millions of users, Whatsapp needs no introduction to most people. This is a staple app and even more so when you travel.

5.) Skyscanner: The best in planning flexible and cheap travel! I tend to use Skyscanner on my laptop more but since I downloaded the app, I’ve increasingly began to use this instead of my laptop.

6.) Roadtrippers: THIS. IS. AWESOME! No like seriously! It is. This was what we used for our road trip across America and it was invaluable. We planned the trip before we started and used it to navigate our way (and add extra stops on our journey) – can not recommend it enough!

7.) Triposo: This app is a great source of information with guides that are available offline. These guides are amazing and this is another staple app.

8.) Opera: Amazing travel browser – works brilliantly on poor internet connection as well as on really fast ones. This is my go to browser, especially in places like hotel lobbies where everyone seems to have to same idea to log onto the WiFi at the same time. Also compresses the data in the browser so you spend so much less on roaming data fees! That extra data money will be better spent on a pint methinks!

9.) XE Currency: The best currency converter out there. When the currency conversion is 2 for 1 conversions are easy and even when it’s 1.5Amazing for

10.) Google Maps: Now that you can get maps offline (in a limited way), this is becoming more than just the best navigation map out these but even more so a really useful travel!


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