7 Magical Winter Destinations to Suit Everyone! (5)7 Magical Winter Destinations to Suit Everyone! (4)
1.) The Ice Hotel in Sweden: Completely carved and re-produced each year, the Ice Hotel is most definitely the destination of choice for those looking to stay somewhere a little different. Constructed each year in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden – this hotel is made entirely from ice! Even the beds! If you are looking for that special winter treat – or surprise for a loved one that likes holidays a little different from the norm, head to the Ice Hotel. Fun fact: The rooms can actually be kept quite warm… so no need to think you will be heading into an “ice cold” nightmare! http://www.icehotel.se

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2.) The Blue Lagoon, Iceland: One of the most amazing adventures that we both took was to Iceland, where we were fortunate enough to stay at the Blue Lagoon! What an amazing hotel, spa and geo-thermal pool complex. Spend two days here if you can, enjoy soaking up in the hot pools while its in minus temperatures all around. Slather the silica that surrounds the outdoor pools onto your skin – giving you a fresh glow and awesome hydrated facial! Top tip: Stay in the Blue Lagoon hotel to have access to a more intimate and private geo-thermal pool that is reserved exclusively for hotel guests! http://www.bluelagoon.com

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3.) Glass Igloo in Finland: If you want to witness the glory that are the Northern lights from the comfort of your own bed… Inside an igloo, head to kakslauttanen in Finland. a Perfect place to relax.. enjoy the beauty of snow capped mountains (with some hot coco, of course) and fall slowly to sleep while watching the Northern Lights. A truly once in a lifetime experience. Top tip: If you are feeling super adventurous, try out their smoke sauna’s and ice swimming. A truly Finnish experience! http://www.kakslauttanen.fi

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4.) New York, New York: If you want to mix the culture and shopping of a city break, with the snow, ice-skating and all around winter wonderland city feel, head to NYC! Strolling up Fifth Avenue, all wrapped up is a truly great experience! Just remember to take some sturdy yet comfy shoes! No one wants to slip and slide all across the avenue! Top tip: Once you have walked up fifth avenue, head to the ice-skating area of Central Park. A magical experience around 8pm. When its dark… the rink become illuminated by the glittering lights of the city! It is spectacular! http://www.nycgo.com

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5.) Ski, Ski, Ski: If you want a more energetic and sporty winter break – head for some of the most picturesque skiing venues… in Niseko, Japan! One of the best places to “powder ski”. Top tip: At Niseko, you can also get some tutorial lessons, so fear not – even the worst skier can have a truly remarkable winter holiday! http://www.niseko.ne.jp/en/

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6.) Lapland: While great for children, Lapland is also an ideal holiday destination for adult! If you truly want to experience all things traditionally Christmas, head to Lapland for an unforgettable journey to the home of Santa Claus (Father Christmas). Here, you can visit and witness Santa in all his glory (perfect for the children) but also head out into the wilderness by ski-jets and reindeer to really take in the unforgettable adventure that Lapland truly is! Top tip: Pack your camera ready and make sure you practise taking photos of the sky – Lapland is a great place to see the Northern Lights and you wanna make sure you’re good and ready when they appear! http://www.lapland.fi/en/travel

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7.) If your idea of a “Magical Winter” destination doesn’t involve the cold… or snow! Why not head for a Serengeti Safari? Witness some of the famous tree-climbing lions, and the sweeping scenery of the Serengeti Plains. Top tip: you can also discover a gem that is Tarangire and the awesome Ngorongoro Crater. A truly different, but still magical winter destination! http://www.ngorongorocrater.org

7 Magical Winter Destinations to Suit Everyone!

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