It was my friend’s birthday this weekend and we all converged in the countryside for a proper knees-up to celebrate said birthday! The day itself involved quite a lot of wine, beers and cider  – along with generous lashing of delicious pub grub before the evening descended into a state of thoroughly fun organised chaos. The next day, as you can imagine quite a few of us had sore heads and sore bodies  – though that might have been down to the Go Ape-ing we got up to earlier in the day but perhaps more of that on another post.

English Countryside Walking (8)

In any case, I was lucky enough on this occasion to not be suffering as much as the others (Phew!).

We decided anyway to head out for a post (much needed) break gander. We started off in a vineyard…

English Countryside Walking (1) English Countryside Walking (2) English Countryside Walking (3)

Before making our way to vast empty fields… I’m so used to zooming past these fields on the trains but I just realised I’d never properly been in one. It reeks of cow poop.

English Countryside Walking (4)

The view from it though definitely compensates for the smell… 😉

English Countryside Walking (5)English Countryside Walking (7)

Senor Baxter decided that he’d had enough of walking and would much rather relax in the grass…

English Countryside Walking (9)

We soon convinced him to carry on…

English Countryside Walking (10)

English Countryside Walking (6)

Stopped to pick up some blackberries… A little tip here – always pick the ones high up! The ones lower down might be laced with fox pee so unless you like the taste of fox pee with your summer berries, I suggest you aim high!

English Countryside Walking (11) English Countryside Walking (12)

I’m in lust/home envy of this little cottage here! It’s so pretty and there are so many different yet equally picturesque little cottages like this all dotted around…

English Countryside Walking (13)

Finished off with a trip past the canals before heading back to our friend’s place. Days like this always make me appreciate summer time in the UK! It’s usually enough to have great weather but such an added bonus when you get to immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings.

English Countryside Walking (14) English Countryside Walking (15)

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