Part of the reason we started Hand Luggage Only was to connect with more people who share our passion for travel so I am always delighted when someone offers me some advice and tips on places in the world that they live in or travelled to especially so if I have never visited said place. To be honest, I am excited about advice even when I have visited or indeed lived in the place – I still get excited when someone tells me about a restaurant/bar/new attraction that I haven’t been to in London despite having lived here for years and years.

When Annie of (from Montreal, Quebec) offered to write a guest post on food to eat in Quebec I was double-excited – food and travel??? I’m in! 🙂 Here’s Annie’s recommendations on delicious foods to eat in Quebec!


I didn’t have to convince Yaya to come to Canada, as he’s already in love with British Colombia and Alberta, but I thought adding some yummy foods to eat in Quebec might give him good reason to explore the east as well.

I know we Quebecers are known for our poutine, but there is so much delicious food to eat in Quebec!

6 Delicious Foods To Eat In Quebec (...other than Poutine)
1. Bagel

This is a Montreal classic! Don’t come to our metropole without sampling one of our bagels. There are two majors bakeries in town: St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmont Bagel. There’s an ongoing (friendly) war between these two about who makes the best bagel. I won’t take a side. You try them, and you tell me!

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2. Tourtière (Meat Pie)

It’s not only a dish, it’s a tradition. This meat pie can be simple, made of ground pork and ground beef, or elaborate, with layers of various meats and potatoes cubes, but it is a must-eat during our Christmas and New Year’s Eve Celebration. Each family has its secret ingredients and the recipe is passed from grandmother to grand-daughter every generation.

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3. Pâté Chinois (Shepard’s Pie)

This is a classic weekday dish in almost every Quebecois family. The basic format employs of three layers: ground beef, corn, and mashed potatos. Nowadays, some restaurants offer fancier versions: they might add vegetables, or cheese and vary the spices.

There’s nothing Chinese about this meal. The name comes from the thousands of Chinese who worked building of Canada’s two transcontinental railways. It was an inexpensive way to feed a lot of people.

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4. Pouding Chômeur (Literally « Unemployment Pudding »)

Pouding chômeur is heaven a vanilla cake that has been baked in maple syrup or brown sugar syrup. The cake batter is poured on a layer of syrup, and is cooked directly therein. It creates a warm soft cake. Perfect comfort food after a big snow storm in January or riding horseback at the sugar shack. The maple syrup, of course, is from Quebec… the world’s best!

The name derive from the fact that it is very cheap to make, and was created during the Great Depression.

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5. Blueberry Pie

In the Quebec region of Sagueney Lac St-Jean, the blueberries are so famous that it’s the nickname we give to the inhabitants of the region! The best season to eat them is usually Mid-July to the end of August. It you visit this region, you can pick the fruit yourself, which gives you the opportunity to eat a lot of them while picking and have some to take home too. Yum yum yum!

Of course, there’s blueberry everything: jam, cake, muffins, juice, etc. But choose the pie! This is a blueberries expert talking!

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6. Maple syrup everything

The possibilities are infinite: Maple syrup flakes in salad, maple syrup smoked salmon, maple syrup on pancakes, maple syrup ice cream! Let’s just say you can put it anywhere! Well, almost, but please take note here. I have a sweet tooth, thus may not represent all Quebecers…

So, I hope by now you are planning on coming to the East, to taste it, eh?



6 Delicious Foods To Eat In Quebec (...other than Poutine) (7)

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