For the uninitiated, the Canary Islands area group of Spanish Islands off the coast of West Africa.

We’re currently in Fuerteventura with Thomas Cook Airlines and we’ve taken over their instagram! You can find us on their instagram at @thomascookairlinesuk for the next few days. We’ve already gotten a head start and put up some photos (see more below).

Fuerteventura has been something of a rather unexpected discovery so far. The landscape here is so dramatic – one minute you’re driving up to this huge volcano and the very next minute (like seriously, right behind afore mentioned volcanoes), you have some pretty impressive beaches and sand dunes! I’d never been to the Canary Islands before let alone Fuerteventura so I’m (understandably) impressed!

I need to go to bed now but will have more posts on here soon with ALL the photos from our time here! Till then, here are the instagram photos we’ve taken so far!

Those Fuertaventura blues have @LailaLoves channeling her inner mermaid! #InstagramTakeover in #Fuerteventura by @HLOBlog A photo posted by Thomas Cook Airlines UK (@thomascookairlinesuk) on

Lately on Instagram (@HandLuggageOnly)

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