Heads up – this is one of those random blog posts! 🙂

Permit me to introduce you to two of my new found obsessions – iPhone Timelapse videos (which I now realised I can upload onto Vine) and hence started doing so properly a little under two weeks ago – starting with this one with the Penguins in South Africa. (Does anyone even still use vine?) I’ve never really been fond of uploading videos on instagram so I’ve found a new home for my travel videos and timelapses. 🙂

My obsession with timelapses of course has led to this video I just uploaded onto You tube.


My second obsession is more photography related and that’s to do with 500px. The photography on here is absolutely amazing and quite inspiring. I signed up a couple of days ago (we’re at @HandLuggageOnly) and I’ve been slightly addicted to it ever since. (My photo below made it to the popular page last night and that did nothing but further fuel my addiction – talk about positive reinforcement!) 🙂

London at Sunrise

Have you got some new obsession, habit, app or even TV show you’ve been into lately? If you do, please share! 🙂

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