This post is promoted by The Sun and we’re all up for it! We’re always on the lookout for accessible ways to travel after all! To be fair though, the idea is not just limited to the UK, you can do it across Europe if you wanna go further afield. I just have lots more … Continue Reading

A major upside to travelling is getting to see so many parts of the world and the amazing adventures that comes with it. Even a simple act like going to dinner in a different part of the world can prove to be an unexpected surprise. Thing is though, we’re conditioned to want more. More experiences. More … Continue Reading

Rip off your duffle coat, unzip that onesie and lose the mittens – summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing… summer holidays! Those long evenings, basked in glorious sunshine are definitely made even better by the knowledge that you can (and probably should) be enjoying it somewhere new. With so many … Continue Reading

After all, the world is your oyster and there are adventures just waiting to be had out there! Let’s get started! 1.) Go on Safari in Kruger National Park I can’t recommend this enough – even if you’re not the nature buff, the idea of being stood (albeit in a jeep) right next to a lion/cheetah/giraffe/elephant … Continue Reading

Colour tends to speak for itself. There’s never a real need to explain the appeal of a colourful travel destination. Photos of the colourful city/town/village in question is enough to beguile travellers the world over! I’ve always been a fan of colours. At home, on my travels… even in my food and looking back at my … Continue Reading

You didn’t think we’d head off into the New Year without a round up of 2015 now, did you? 😉 This year on Hand Luggage Only has been quite special in so many ways – we’ve gotten to travel to so many amazing destinations, made so many new friends, eaten so many delicious meals, had so … Continue Reading

Over the course of the past year, we’ve not so secretly been gigging as guest blogger for Bravofly. It has been so much fun writing for this amazing company and even better still when they sent us on the trip of a lifetime across Italy this year on a 3-wheeled rickshaw! I’d so wanted to do … Continue Reading

Some days are just made for throwing away the rule book and seeing where your restless feet will take you… Or in our case, our tiny rickshaw. Back in our place in Rome, we’d met up with some of the others doing the rickshaw challenge and we decided to stick together for part of the route. … Continue Reading

As with everywhere on this trip, we arrived in Rome in the dark cloak of night so the next morning, we were more than pleasantly surprised when we looked around us and saw the stunning rolling Roman hills beautifully contrasting that lovely blue sky! It’s definitely the right motivation you need to get you excited … Continue Reading

I’ve wanted to take this trip across Italy for quite a while and one of the grand ideas I had about it before we finally went on the trip was about driving through Tuscany! Those rolling hills went hand it in hand with daydreams of myself eating as much pizza and gelato as I could … Continue Reading

We arrived in Florence ridiculously late. We’d been so distracted by San Miniato (and that sunset) and ended up spending a few hours winding through the Tuscan mountains in the dark until we got to our hotel for the night. It was pretty cold up in the mountains and suddenly, the t-shirt and shorts combo … Continue Reading

Montepulciano was one of the best finds on our trip across Italy. It was one of those places we decided to pop into just a few minutes before we set off for the day and it was such a brilliant call. Even before we hit the town itself, it was nigh impossible not to stop … Continue Reading

  Italian sunsets are the stuff legends are made of. We managed to prove this over and over again on our road trip across Italy but the very first time we saw this was perhaps the most unexpected of them all. For years, I’d harboured this dream of driving across Tuscany with no real aim … Continue Reading

Arriving at the very first stop on our Italian road trip ended up being much later than we’d anticipated. Between the stops everywhere for photos and general tomfoolery, we ended up arriving around 9.30pm. At this point, all I could think was “I hope Italian restaurants are open till quite late” (I kinda thought they … Continue Reading