Following on from our (not so) Olympic standard pool diving, our fatigue eventually caught up with us and we all ended up having naps in the sun…until the sun went down and the first of us started to stir. We quickly popped some clothes on and headed out for dinner and drinks. For some reason, … Continue Reading

Thinking about it now, I have no idea how we managed to stay energetic after arriving in Ibiza. We’d all had about 2 hours sleep (I had just 1 hour due to my last minute packing) before hoping into the taxi to take us to the airport. Honestly, I don’t even know why we tried … Continue Reading

On a fairly random evening, my friends and I decided (now that I think about it) rather spontaneously to book a trip to Ibiza. In fact, I think we booked the trip first and then started to rationalise why we wanted to go away after. “Oh it’s so and so’s birthday so we could use … Continue Reading

Like I was gonna forget to do a post about the amazing food in Ibiza! 🙂 #FoodieDiaries First off we got the squid! #CookedToPerfection! Then some tasty lamb chops! Paella to share! Some aperitifs for after the meal.. But not before some grilled garlic king prawns Rounded up with a huge steak. We ate and … Continue Reading

There’s just so much more to Ibiza than partying. Alas, most people never seem to realise this until they visit the beautiful island of Ibiza for the first time on holiday themselves. When my friends and I booked a trip to Ibiza – which happened to coincide with my birthday and Ibiza’s reputation as a … Continue Reading

Nestled within the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca (or Mallorca) is one incredible island that’s so beautiful to see. Not only that, but there’s also a heap fo the best things to do in Majorca that are surprisingly diverse and totally unique.  You see, Majorca is an island that’s got a little something for everyone! It’s the … Continue Reading

Spain is an incredible country to explore that’s so much more than it’s beautiful beaches or the Balearic Islands. That’s not to say they’re not gorgeous (they are) but Spain is a pretty vast country that has so much more going on. There are literally thousands of places in Spain to visit that you’ll be … Continue Reading

There are lots of reasons to visit Spain, with its beautiful beaches being pretty high on top of those list of reasons. Suffice to say, finding the best beaches in Spain is justifiably one thing quite quickly can find it’s way onto your travel planning for Spain. That’s the thing about Spain, even in cities … Continue Reading

Europe is home to some amazing and rather diverse set of places. Amongst the top of that list of places are the some of the best islands in Europe which can range from the; tropical Canary Islands, volcanic Iceland, the Faroe Islands to the idyllic Greek island of Santorini. Europe really has it all! 🤗 … Continue Reading

Summertime is holiday time. Countries literally seem to shut down for weeks at a time while everyone heads off for holiday (here’s looking at your France and Italy) and so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best times to plan that amazing trip you’ve been dreaming about doing in Europe. … Continue Reading

The best thing about European spa breaks is how indulgent they can be. I mean, there’s something to be said for going for a pampering day (heck, even a weekend) where all you have to think about is how hard you want your message. As I’m becoming ‘longer in the tooth’, I’ve properly embraced the … Continue Reading

So here’s the scene – it’s the middle of winter and despite your travels during the year (and constant insistence that you’re done with swelteringly hot summer days), you’ve found yourself smack in the centre of a cold wintery snap (with full-on grey clouds to match). That being said, you can still find yourself a … Continue Reading

There are so many amazing things to do in Spain. To the point, that Last year we went to Spain at least once every month. The same thing carried on this year and even when I think about it, I think for the latter half of two years ago, we did exactly the same thing. … Continue Reading

If you’re not a fan of having a good old fashioned knees-up, then look away now! This is all about the very best cities to party across the world. So, expect loads of fun-filled, slick and cool cities that’ll make any party!  Now, if you’re a fan of letting your hair down (literally or figuratively … Continue Reading