Over the last couple of days, we’ve been exploring the length and breadth of the stunning Spanish island of Menorca. Thing is, Menorca is often overlooked for it’s the bigger sister island of Majorca or it’s party-loving sister, Ibiza and I’m just gonna come out and say it – Menorca is one stunning gem of … Continue Reading

It’s high time to get the summer holiday plans in gear and, inspired by the amazing colourful selection of summer essentials over at Kapten & Sons, we’ve put together an equally colourful, tried and tested selection of the very best places you need to add to your summer plans this year. Seeing as we’ve got … Continue Reading

Ever since our trip to Slovakia in winter, I’ve somehow managed to constantly stumble upon so many photos of Slovenia online (thank you Pinterest) and a couple of weeks ago, whole discussing my need to visit Slovenia very soon, we received a rather delightful invite to come on a wine tour of the country. First … Continue Reading

Summer’s officially here (even though the last of Spring weather is still around in bits and pieces all across Europe) and to celebrate the start of summer (and to also drag you into our latest summer obsession), I’ve put together a list of places you should definitely consider going to for a beach holiday this … Continue Reading

Lots of people know about the larger islands of Europe: Great Britain, Ireland, Sicily and many more but there are many smaller (but no less breathtaking) islands that we often forget or bypass on our quest to visit while travelling around Europe. Some of the islands are “off the beaten track” so to speak, while … Continue Reading

If I knew a way to change the topic of this post to “Ways To DEFINITELY Get You To Travel The World For FREE” I would but for now, we will have to do with ways to help you save money when travelling and implicitly, by saving you money – help you see more of … Continue Reading

It’s that time of the year again! The summer party holiday season is here (or around the corner for some). Holiday-time with friends and the general opportunity to let your hair down and de-stress coupled with the promise of having a crazy (in a good way) time with your friends is definitely one of the … Continue Reading

It happens to the best of us! Monday morning arrives and all we can think about is heading on our next holiday. Honestly, planning your trip can be a daunting task in itself. After all, you need to plan all the things to do, places to see and the best islands to visit if you’re … Continue Reading