10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (11)

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these kinda personal posts but for some inexplicable reason (or maybe it’s the chocolate high I have right now from eating far too many bars of snickers), at this very moment it just seems like quite an apt time to write this post so do bear with while I tell you 10 reasons why I love blogging. 😉

1.) You make me laugh. And I do love to laugh! More importantly, it’s in an “I’m laughing with you” kinda way and that’s the best really. The stories you’ve shared in your comments and emails have sometimes had me spilling a mouthful of tea on myself in between fits of giggles. Oh yeah, remind me to send you my dry cleaning bill for that one.
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (6)

2.) You inspire me. And not in a sickly sweet, corny kinda way that would make you feel a tad sick. You quite literally inspire me in so many way. You send me photos of places you’ve been to, you recommend places to visit, offer advice and tips on travel and life in general and you share with me things from your part of the world that I would otherwise not have known. These things genuinely make me want to blog more and travel even more so thanks for that! (For this one, I can let you off the dry cleaning bill).
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (10)

3.) I feel like I’ve found my voice. I’ve always known I had a voice of course and I’ve always been quite self-aware and perhaps even quite self assured but it’s one thing to have all these thoughts swirling in your head and quite another to put pen to paper (or in my case, fingers to keyboard), share them with someone else and actually have a conversation about whatever random thoughts are in my head. There’s something quite empowering about it that I can’t quite put my finger on but whatever it is, it feels good.
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4.) I’ve learnt so much (or is it “learned?”). To avoid being wrong, I’ll rephrase it – I’ve acquired an immense amount of knowledge from blogging. I’ve learnt… (I realise there’s no avoiding that word so I’m just gonna pick one and stick with it) – I’ve learnt things I’ve always wanted to but thought would be ridiculously hard to unless I had several years of training. Case in point – how to edit videos; I know it’s not perfect yet and I still have a long way to go to but compare this video (“the before” stage) to this one (“the after“) and you’ll probably notice the difference in both. One rule I always apply to blogging is that you learn by doing so instead of waiting to be perfect, try to learn by doing a bit and improving as you go along.
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (9)

5.) Blogging anchors me. This is a bit of a wooly one but I can’t really think of a better way to summarise it than that really. Living in London can sometimes mean you have a really hectic schedule and blogging, in a lot of ways manages to be that consistent thing in the middle of this flurry of activities. The more I try to describe it, the harder it gets but in a way, I guess what I’m trying to say is that having a blog almost provides a way to channel the way I’m feeling at different points in time and lets me deal with my emotions appropriately. Okay, I’m gonna stop trying to describe what I mean and move on…
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6.) Blogging helped me meet new friends. I’ve met so many people since I started blogging from so many diverse backgrounds and with so many great stories to tell and I’m really grateful to blogging for this.
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (5)

7.) You really help put things in perspective. Sometimes, I have this gut feeling that something I want to do is right but a gut feeling is just that – a feeling. Once I put it out there, you help put everything into a relatable context and give me even more reason to trust my gut instincts and carry on with the plan I felt was right all along.
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (8)

8.) You make me smile and pick me up. I’ve gone on and on (without actually saying much) about some weird experience I had in Paris and even back then, I remember reading a couple of message I’d just been sent on our Twitter followed by a few emails and within minutes, I had such a huge smile on my face and even had a few chuckles. It’s funny that – it just a few words written by you but for me, it had such a huge effect on me. Cheer for that! 🙂
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9.) You have shown me that I can survive on very little sleep when I’m passionate about something. I’ve quite literally written blog posts where just before I started, I was almost using matchsticks to prop my eyes open so I wouldn’t fall asleep from tiredness but once I started writing, I could go on for ages, excitedly telling you about stuff I’d been up to or would like to get up to (once I finished writing and publishing the post, I immediately regressed back to my pre-sleep stupor of course)  but I’ve realised that I can work much harder and perhaps even much faster than I knew I could.
10 Reasons I Love Blogging! (1)

10.) You have helped me put on almost a stone in weight. I’m not even sure why I put this here. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if I can blame you/give you all the credit for my weight gain so I’m gonna meet you half way and say it was a combined effort between both of us. In any case, blogging and travelling frequently has meant always wanting to try new and different foods across different countries (a habit that will soon earn me the nickname of the “trouser ripper” from my ever expanding waistline) but while this might not sound like a good thing, it has made me realise I need to be more active to stay fit (or perhaps more aptly – to get fit). Being more active also means trying to make healthier choices…. and no, I do not plan on cutting down on the food or wine – I just plan on “working for it” now and that my friend, is a very good thing. (Case in point, I just ordered a rowing machine to make the most of my free time at home).
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And there you have it – these 10 things are amongst the main reasons why I love blogging! 🙂 Do you blog? Or have you ever blogged before? If so, what are your favourite things about blogging?

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