Back in Toronto after a few fantastic and very relaxed days in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we checked into the Delta Hotel, which it turns out has one of the best views in Toronto. The Delta is right next to the CN Tower and if you get the change, it’s totally worth bagging yourself access to the Executive … Continue Reading

The next morning in Niagara-on-the-Lake began with a bit of a misstep. After a long and lazy breakfast by the fire, I decided that I wanted to check out a maple syrup place just outside of town (remember how I said about my sweet tooth in this post the day before?). “Just outside of town” … Continue Reading

On our final day in Amberley, after yet another lazy breakfast, I was perfectly happy with just returning straight to London until Lloyd mentioned a place I just knew I’d have to visit. That place was Petworth House, which we’d passed on the way over to Arundel and Amberley from London and so it was … Continue Reading

Breakfast at the next morning came in really cute picnic baskets, delivered right to your door! Juices, freshly baked muffins and cakes from the local bakery, fruits and local jams – all of which was just a brilliant start to the day in this amazing town! After breakfast, our morning started with a lazy amble … Continue Reading

The next day at Amberley castle, I woke up to surprisingly heavy rain! It’d been so sunny the day before and the rain was the last thing I’d expected. Being British though, you really learn to roll with the punches when it comes to the weather and so we didn’t even skip and beat and … Continue Reading

The next morning in Toronto, after a breakfast not too dissimilar to the delicious one we had the day before at the Shangri La, we packed up our bags, bade farewell to the city and headed over to Niagara Falls. Well, not directly to Niagara Falls… We actually ended up going to Niagara Helicopters for … Continue Reading

Toronto’s Distillery District is one part of the city that’s definitely worth visiting – especially so when you’re absolutely ravenous. Suffice to say leaving Casa Loma with tummies growling, it didn’t take much convincing for us to hop in the taxi and head for the Distillery District, esta pronto! The distillery district spans across several … Continue Reading

Even before you arrive at Amberley Castle, you’ll already find yourself having to pick your jaw off the flaw in awe of where you’d be calling home for the next few days. Amberley Castle is one of those places that’s an instant “Yes!” when you think of special places to stay in England. It’s got … Continue Reading

Vancouver was the very first city I visited in Canada. I remember falling in love with that city straight away! The fact that you had this amazing city set with such an amazing natural background meant that you got the best of both worlds. You can literally finish work in the busy city and within … Continue Reading

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to visit Arundel Castle! I remember hearing about it years ago and thinking it was a joke – in large part because the name sounds made up, like a place or a character from Lord of the Rings. Then I found out it was a real place and, after … Continue Reading

Waking up to that amazing Floridian sunshine has got to be one of the best ways to start a holiday! What makes it even better is starting the day slowly with an amazing breakfast and boy does The Diplomat do a mean breakfast! Like seriously, it’s the kind that makes you sneak extras out so … Continue Reading

On our final morning in the Jurassic Coast, after breakfast similar to the one the day before (see it here), we bade farewell to the Hix Townhouse and hit the road, heading back slowly up to London. We drove by some cute villages but decided this time not to stop – there was one place … Continue Reading

The next morning at the Hix Townhouse, I woke to the sound of faint knocking at the door – breakfast had arrived! Breakfast came in a picnic box with freshly baked muffins, cheese pastries, fresh juice, yoghurts (one of which was salted caramel and I’m down for anything and everything salted caramel) and muesli. After … Continue Reading

The Jurassic Coast of England is a part of the country I’d wanted to visit for the longest time. In large part, this is due to amazing natural sights like Durdle Door and Old Harry Rocks but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to find myself some dinosaur bone while I there! … Continue Reading