There’s something I’ve noticed on travel blogs lately and while, this is not the kind of post I would usually write, it’s been at the back of my mind for long enough that I just feel like I need to call it out. That thing is a programme/scheme called Travel Blog Success (I refuse to … Continue Reading

Creative individuals fascinate me constantly! I’m always impressed by people who can create something out of nothing and I really appreciate the talents, skills and abilities possessed by said individuals. Below are some of said creative and inspiring women (outside of the women in my life) whose talents have stood out to me for some … Continue Reading

Blogging is such a great outlet for your thoughts, passion or even for your work and so whenever anyone asks me if they should start a blog, my default answer is always a YES! I know people start blogs for different reasons but I think the best reason to start blogging is fundamentally to share … Continue Reading

It perhaps comes as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of blogging and not just the writing side of things but reading blogs too. I think I’d go as far as saying that I spend more time reading blogs than I do writing them. I’ve done posts on why you should start a blog … Continue Reading

This is gonna be really quick… or at least I’m gonna try to make it a quick one. 🙂 You might (or might not) have noticed the radio silence from us on the blog the last few days and there’s a reason behind that. We’ve been getting ourselves a little upgrade – not one that you … Continue Reading

These days, starting a blog is relatively easy. This is particularly the case if you decide to use platforms like Blogger or Tumblr where everything is pretty much ready to go as soon as you create your account. Other platforms like (which is very different from takes a little more effort but is … Continue Reading

You’ve probably noticed how different the website is looking now! Yup – it’s been relaunched and this time I promise to post regularly with lots of photos, travel stories, travel tips and advice and savvy ways to save money on your travels! There are a few new things you’ve probably notice now too… I’ll give … Continue Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these kinda personal posts but for some inexplicable reason (or maybe it’s the chocolate high I have right now from eating far too many bars of snickers), at this very moment it just seems like quite an apt time to write this post so do bear with while … Continue Reading

You can file this one under miscellaneous. 😉 If you don’t have a blog, you can probably skip this post. If you do have a blog, you will most likely find one (if not all) of these tips really useful! I started off the post wanting to tell you about one thing that I recently … Continue Reading

There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs out there today and so you’d be easily forgiven for finding the prospect of starting a new blog rather daunting. That being said, there are so many reasons why you definitely should start a new blog. If you find yourself identifying with one of these reasons, then … Continue Reading

Pinterest is so many things to so many people. It’s a source of inspiration. A visual notepad. An excellent way to procrastinate on a rainy afternoon. Your ideal party planning tool. A treasure trove of ideas. The list is endless… The point is, lots of people use Pinterest for lots of things and increasingly, Pinterest … Continue Reading

We are so excited!!! After years of travelling, countless desserts guzzled and copious amounts of chocolate consumed we’ve finally taken the leap and worked with our amazing publishers to create our book, Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain!  It’s hard to put into words what this means to us, which is totally ironic really – especially … Continue Reading

Today, we got an alert saying that Hand Luggage Only (yup, the very same one you’re reading this on right now), just hit the 1 million monthly page views milestone. 1 Million!!! WOW!!! 🎉 I can’t even fully process it – mostly because I can’t picture 1 million of one thing in the same place. … Continue Reading

3 years ago, to this day exactly, in my college room back at Cambridge University I found myself with a free day. This almost never happened! See, you know the way you see photos of students at Uni fooling around and kicking it in the pub on a Saturday? That wasn’t our lot on my course. … Continue Reading