I’m a sucker for anything sweet! Dip it in chocolate, bake it, fill it with cream and I’m almost guaranteed to devour it. Living in London, in sooooo many ways, spoils you. There’s literally somewhere new, delicious and exciting to visit almost every day across the different areas of London. That’s what makes finding the best bakeries in London so great… You get to try lots to find that gem you love.

Best of all, bakeries in London aren’t just the occasional doughnut or pastry. Our city has the longest history of immigration, with tasty baked influences from northern England, Celtic countries, European neighbours and from much further afield in Asia, Africa and South America. London is a diverse city and that’s certainly the same for the bakeries! 🍰

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (1)

Take a look at some of the best bakeries in London to visit. You’re going to love your visit (just make sure to wear elasticated pants). 🤣

1.) Oree

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (9)

Oree is a total passion project that was founded by Laurent d’Orey with his yummy goal to deliver a little of the countryside of France into the English capital.

This French patisserie, perched in Chelsea, is a favourite of mine so pay it a visit and order your favourite pastry and enjoy a bakers breakfast. You can visit this bakery at: Oree, 275-277 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London.

Oh, and don’t forget to try their Eclair au Chocolat (chocolate eclair for us Brits). It’s super tasty!

2.) Dominique Ansel Bakery

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (11)

Famed for its specific-to-London creations, Dominique Ansel has created some yummy gems that you have to try in London. For instance, the Cronut, it’s delicious and a total mix between a doughnut and a croissant.

Don’t forget to try their Welsh rarebit croissant; it makes for a tasty lunch and is a total throwback to me having rarebit as a child in Wales.  Oh, also, the pain au chocolat that they create has three pieces of chocolate (instead of the traditional two) – it’s a chocolate lovers dream.

Visit Dominique Ansel Bakery at 17-21 Elizabeth St. Victoria, London.

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3.) CafĂ© Royal Hotel

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (8)

Sarah Barber is a pastry chef with a strong reputation within London’s sweet scene.

Sarah has created some of the finest French pastries at the Café Royal and the high tea that they serve is the best in the city. If you cannot get a table (I told you to book ahead), you can get a gateau, cheesecake or pecan bombe to go. It is in Central London at 68 Regent Street.

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4.) Honey & Spice

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (13)

born from a tiny 12 table Middle Eastern Eatery, Honey & Co (by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich) is one of the best bakeries in London to visit – especially if you’re in Kings Cross.

Recently moved, Their newer haunt of Honey & Spice has a selection of desserts including spiced cookies, a moist apple-cinnamon cake, chocolate tortes, tarts and baklava (which are my favourite, here). It is located in Kings Cross at 52 Warren Street, don’t leave it too long until you visit this one!

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5.) Kova Patisseries

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (6)

Kova Patisseries is a cool, Japanese bakery perched right in the centre of London. One of their most famous baked goodies has to be the mille-crepe, the cake of many layers with a cream filling is one amazing treat you have to try when at one of the best bakeries in London. Oh, and make sure to try their Earl Grey version which is sooooo morish

Alternatively, if the mille-crepe isn’t your thing, try the equally tasty Japanese-style cheesecake; you will love it. You can find this bakery at 9-12 St Anne’s Court, Soho, London.

6.) Princi 

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (4)

Princi is a, totally yummy, Italian chain of bakeries has just the one special location in London at 135 Wardour Street (in Soho).

It has a proper reputation for serving some of the best cakes, breakfast pastries and its fruity tarts that I love to devour. One of its signature dishes, however, is torte lemon tart which is a totally sumptuous white chocolate indulgence that’s all on top of a layer of lemon.

7.) Bread Ahead

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (7)

Matt Jones and Justin Gellatly are two experienced bakers that combined their creativity and passion for carby goodies to open this bakery (in addition to it being a school for baking).

The best items on the menu are the various styles of bread, the mince pies and you will absolutely love the jelly-filled doughnuts, just right with a coffee to fix that afternoon slump. You can go and try some at; Bread Ahead, 1a Monmouth Street in central London.

8.) Brick House

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (10)

If you prefer more savoury baked goodies, then this place is for you! Yes, Brick House might be perched within the south-east London, but they make some of the tastiest San Francisco style sourdoughs in all the city. This family team make closed and open sandwiches for their customers. Best of all, they really care about the food they make – making it one of the best bakeries in London to visit.

Brick House is located at 1 Zenoria St, Dulwich, London or the Peckham Branch at 12-16 Blenheim Grove (which is my favourite).

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9.) St John Bakery

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (3)

Fergus Henderson is almost a living legend in the London bakery scene and has one of the best bakeries in London you have to try. His bakery sells some of London’s finest doughnuts (they sell out nearly every day, so arrive early). His mince pies are heavy on the fruit and alcohol so you should get over to Bermondsey’s Druid Street if you have not already visited to sample these tasty treats.

St John Bakery, 72 Druid Street, London

10.) Fabrique Bakery

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (12)

Fabrique Bakery is one of the best bakeries in London to visit if you’re looking for some Scandinavian flair, with their cardamom buns now available in London.

Similar to cinnamon buns (yuuuuum) they taste so good! I swear you’ll want more than one. The bakers here, add lashings of Butter, cardamom and sugar to make a gooey surprise in the centre of these buns that is out-of-this-world.

There are four locations of Fabrique Bakery, with my favourite being 8 Earlham Street in Covent Garden.

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11.) The Violet Bakery

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (2)

Opened in 2010 with perfectly cooked pastries and bread, the Violet Bakery has quickly become one of the best bakeries in London to visit. Of course, the bakery scene has lots of competition (especially in London) but Claire Ptak’s sweet buns are among the best around.

While you are there you can also sample some of the fluffiest cupcakes, pound cakes or scones filled with traditional clotted cream and homemade jam.

The Violet Bakery is located at 47 Wilton Way in Hackney, London.

12.) The E5 Bakehouse

12 Of The Best Bakeries In London (14)

The E5 Bakehouse is a school, cake shop, bakery and cafĂ© – all in one. The bread baked here tastes outstanding and it’s totally worth the trip if you love more savoury baked treat.

If bread doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, they also have glazed chocolate croissants and multi-layered sticky buns. Now you really should go to Arch 395 Mentmore Terrace in London to gorge on their impressive menu for yourself.

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