Look, it’s probably pretty obvious by now that I gorge on anything sweet! Drip, dip or roll it in sugar and I swear it’ll be gone without you even batting an eyelid! 🤣 I like to say it’s because I just want to ‘taste the world’ or something fluffy like that the harsh reality is that … Continue Reading

New York State is pretty special, with so much diversity, gorgeous landscapes and amazing hikes that are so much fun to explore. There’s a whole heap of the best things to do in New York State but it’s sometimes so easy to forget when you’ve got the bright lights of New York City. Now, let … Continue Reading

Perched in the south-east of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a city that’s amazing to explore and one spot you shouldn’t miss whilst in the state. It’s a city that in so many ways feels much less undiscovered than places like Miami… but one place that you definitely shouldn’t ignore. I mean, there are so many … Continue Reading

The thing about Iceland is that it’s so diverse. Yes, you’ve got all the incredible nature, awe-inspiring vistas and the Blue Lagoon – but there’s so much more to Iceland than just it’s gorgeous natural landscapes. There really is a whole heap of the best towns in Iceland… all with their own heritage, stories and … Continue Reading

Nice is one of those place in France where you won’t struggle for reasons to visit. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that with all the amazing things to do in Nice – and the surrounding areas in the South of France, Nice is one French city that is atop many people’s travel … Continue Reading

Bordeaux is one of those cities that’s incredible for a city break and a longer little jaunt into the countryside and vineyards that surround this region of France. Straight after our visit to the gorgeous spots in the Dordogne, I knew I had to get myself over to Bordeaux and that’s something we did recently, … Continue Reading

One of my favourite things about visiting Italy (especially in summer) is the weather! A fact which makes pretty much all of the best hikes in Italy something you have to experience, not just in summer but all year around. But let’s face it – by now, you probably already have far too many reasons … Continue Reading

It’s funny, after travelling around the United States on a road trip and other individual trips, I was a little worried that the things to do in Boston would seem quite ‘samey’ or ‘run-of-the-mill’ if you catch my drift? That’s not saying that every place in the United States is the same – Far from! … Continue Reading

You’ve booked your tickets, you’re all packed and you’re off to Auckland! It’s one of the best (and biggest cities) in New Zealand that you’re just gonna love. There are so many of the best things to do in Auckland that you’re actually going to be spoilt for choice (seriously, it’s such a great spot). … Continue Reading

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in an igloo then you’ve really gotta see this place in Switzerland. Nestled right next to the Matterhorn, the igloo in Zermatt is one unique experience you should try even if it’s just for one night! Yes, the rooms can be a little frosty but you’ll warm up with … Continue Reading

London is a totally diverse and international city, which, if I’m honest is one of the main reasons why I love it so much. Our amazing city is steeped, not only in fascinating history (that’s inspired many a book, tv series and films the world over) but amazing cultures, yummy food and a whole heap … Continue Reading

The UK has an amazing coastline to explore! There are loads of little villages, gorgeous bays and dramatic cliffs that make for some of the best seaside holidays in the UK. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that we Brits have a raw deal when it comes to seaside spots. It’s true, we don’t have the … Continue Reading

Perched in the middle-ish of Continental Europe, Switzerland is a proper diverse country that’s way more than its snow-capped mountains (which are amazing by the way). Now, if you’re anything like me, a trip to a new country will always involve a little exploration, going beyond one place to experience the best places in Switzerland… … Continue Reading

At first thought, Iceland may not seem like an ideal place to go wandering off on a hike, especially in the throes of winter! But this is the thing with Iceland – the weather isn’t nearly as extreme as you’d think. Hiking in Iceland is something you can do almost all year round and some of … Continue Reading