Following on from my post on “10 Reasons You Don’t Need To Quit Your Job To Travel The World!” I figured I should detail practical tips and tricks to help you hold your job and travel the world. A fundamental principle to a happy lifestyle is balance and so it’s important that you find the … Continue Reading

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get distracted by everything that’s going on around you that you lose sight of who you truly are. It brings to mind a thing statisticians call separating “the signal” from “the noise“. “The signal” is that thing that you truly are – a truth that no one can shake, that … Continue Reading

It happens to the best of us. We get caught up in moments that get the best of us and make us feel an extreme of one emotion or the other. I use emotion as a vague term here as it can be both positive or negative. Positive emotions – now that’s the easy bit … Continue Reading

Moving to a different country can be one of the most exciting yet most daunting things a person can do! I have been fortunate enough to have lived, both in different countries and in vastly different cities in these different countries (I’ve lived in Africa, Europe and Asia) and can definitely say that over time, … Continue Reading

  Souvenirs are an essential part of any holiday and while for the most part, holiday souvenirs are pure ‘tat’ and items almost produced with an immediate future in a dustbin somewhere, other pieces of holiday souvenirs can easily become treasured items that are reminders of the amazing time you had away. Here are a … Continue Reading

Woohoo!!! Hand Luggage Only is 2 years old. Okay, fine – it was 2 years old like almost a month ago but we’ve been o the road for the past few week and that, coupled with my love of procrastination, is why I’ve not gotten round to writing this post until now. 🙂 Now I know everyone says this but … Continue Reading

Because half of the fun is about getting the stuff you want, not the stuff that you need! 1.) The iKettle: You can control this kettle using your phone! No more standing around in the kitchen waiting around like a  for your first drops of caffeine. You can just pop the kettle on as soon … Continue Reading

**Competition now closed** Chances are that if you’re anything like me, this is probably one of the easiest Yes’s you’ve given all year. Don’t worry, I wasn’t just asking the question rhetorically. There’s an aim behind it. To celebrate their new campaign #ADifferentView, Celebrity Cruises have released a series of picture frames all across the UK … Continue Reading

1.) PLAN! PLAN!! PLAN!!!: Decide on where you want to go in advance, things you’d like to do, sights you’d like to see – pretty much everything possible! It takes the pressure off the actual holiday and you can actually spend the time enjoying the holiday rather than trying to put together a plan of … Continue Reading

Everyone who knew who Maya Angelou was, is (and probably will be for a long time) in awe of her. This is nothing new. She went through so much and yet she came out of the other side, stronger, wiser and a beacon of light and hope for several generations. Growing up, I had always … Continue Reading

Travelling is a unique, no matter how many of us go the similar places or have similar experiences, our time and experience of travelling is always different…. It’s a personal experience that we are able to shape, mould and continue to grow from. One of the biggest things that I think travelling has allowed me … Continue Reading

Travelling is always a unique personal experience – you see the world through your own eyes (literally and figuratively). You taste, smell and feel everything wherever you travel in manner that has everything to do with you little with someone else. Despite this, there are constantly “travel rules” being banded around that people expect you … Continue Reading

Train travel is perhaps one of the best ways to explore the UK – especially if you don’t drive. Aww heck, even if you do drive, it’s still so much easier to get on a train, relax and watch the cities and countryside whiz past. Plus, it’s pretty easy to get around the country and … Continue Reading

If I knew a way to change the topic of this post to “Ways To DEFINITELY Get You To Travel The World For FREE” I would but for now, we will have to do with ways to help you save money when travelling and implicitly, by saving you money – help you see more of … Continue Reading