This is one of those posts that kinda doesn’t fit anywhere but we won’t let that stop us now will we? 😉

Yeah, I know it’s not travel related per se and neither is it home or food related (though I wish it was food related – I’m starving right now) but I keep making note of these little truths that I wan’t to share with you and I just couldn’t hold out any longer… So here are some quick truths to remember this month:

1.) Always going against the crowd is almost as bad as mindlessly following the crowd. In both cases, the direction is still being dictated by the crowd despite any thoughts or feelings of rebelliousness or individuality that comes from going against the crowd. You can go with the crowd or against but just be sure that whatever you’re doing is what’s right for you!

2.) Comparing yourself to someone is a ridiculous and pointless exercise. You’re either going to end up feeling worse about yourself or inflating your own ego and fueling your own superiority complex. Neither outcomes is desirable and the whole exercise is futile.

3.) Spend as much or as little time with your electronics as you want. If you’re a TV addict or currently addicted to Candy Crush, go for it. If however you would much rather a good paperback book with a nice cuppa tea for entertainment, then do that instead. Point is, stop feeling guilty for spending too much or too little time surround by tech gadgets. We all want different things and so there’s no need to let someone else’s prejudices or ideas dictate how you live your life.

4.) No one is ever 100% good or 100% bad. People are multi-faceted and while there’s a temptation to put people in one category or the other, it’s very important to always recognise the good and bad in other (as well as with ourselves).

5.) When dealing with other people, one of the best ways to develop a stronger and more meaningful relationship with them is to put yourself in their shoes. Context is such a great distraction sometimes and because the situation we’re in is different from the situation others are in, it can sometimes be such a default reaction to judge them as though they have the same opportunities and disadvantages as we do. We need to take a few minutes sometimes and stop to think about what situation other people are in and how we would react if we were placed in the same scenario.

Finally, have a great weekend! And don’t forget to tweet me any cool stuff you get up to at @HLOBlog I’ve got no travel plans this weekend but I do have friends coming over to visit which I’m pretty excited about – the bottles of prosecco to be drunk are already quaking at their knees!

5 Quick Truths To Remember This Month!

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