Let’s face it, if you’re on here right now, chances are that you already are interested in travel. To some extent, I think we all are so this post isn’t at all about trying to convince you to travel or trying to tell you what you’re missing out on by now travelling more (thanks to … Continue Reading

Truth be told, this method is one that is so obvious and doesn’t involve any crazy travel hacks or extreme cleverness. Now, although the thing itself is fairly easy to do, the financials around the savviest and most effective way to do it might not be quite as obvious. This, in essence, is what got … Continue Reading

This is one of those posts that kinda doesn’t fit anywhere but we won’t let that stop us now will we? 😉 Yeah, I know it’s not travel related per se and neither is it home or food related (though I wish it was food related – I’m starving right now) but I keep making … Continue Reading

I can only recommend this because this is something I’ve started to do and it’s one of those things that makes you think “Why haven’t I thought about this before?”. Unless of course if you’re already part of the club but given the awkward and somewhat counter-intuitive nature of this method, I’m guessing quite a … Continue Reading

As our lives become ever more hectic and busy, it really is important that we all make that quality ‘me time’ that often comes (albeit not exclusively) with travel. It doesn’t matter where you choose to go, how you do it or even if you stay close to home – travel, gives us the opportunity to … Continue Reading

  And yes, the UK does count as part of Europe even though it appears most people never really seem to think of the UK as Europe. It always seems like it has a separate identity because it’s an island but I digress. Living in Europe definitely has it’s advantages as a lot of Europeans … Continue Reading

I’m too excited to sit still – I’ve almost fallen off my chair in excitement and no, this is not one of those times where I’ve had way too many cups of coffee! I’m very pleased to announce that *cue dramatic pause* THE DEPARTURE LOUNGE IS NOW OPEN!!! Confused? What is The Departure Lounge? I … Continue Reading

Excess baggage fares are a particularly frustrating experience for any traveller to face. It’s like someone decided that packing for your trip and trying to catch your flight on time somehow wasn’t stressful enough and so they needed to add more hassle with that dreaded “luggage weighing” which could then potentially pack an expensive excess … Continue Reading

Sometimes, when we’re out and about exploring new places on our travels, it’s very easy to forget to take care of yourself and prioritise your wellbeing over the sights we want to see, sounds we want to hear and food we want to eat (especially that last one). Your wellbeing should always be your first … Continue Reading

Europe is fun enough and well known enough to already be on your travel plans (even if you are European). There’s a lot to see and do here and even if you’re the pickiest of travellers, its easy to find a reason to want to visit Europe. It’s also fairly easy to do so as … Continue Reading

Photography has moved by leaps and bounds in recent years and even just 7 years ago, you wouldn’t think of using your phone as your main photography tool but these days, phone photography pretty much dominates the bulk of photos shared on social media. Granted mine are photos of mundane cr*p like my inability to … Continue Reading

How to beat jet lag is something that’s absolutely worth every traveller having in their bag of tricks, especially so you can make the most of your travels. Alas, it’s also one that, can sometimes prove the trickiest to master. (*Tricky but not impossible! 😉) A little over a week ago, I was in the … Continue Reading

Yes, you read that right! Not “kinda free” or “cheap”  – 101 FREE Things To Do In London!!!! And this includes every single major attraction in London – and then some more! Living in London has made us really savvy with money (with house prices in London at the price of a tiny fortune, financial savviness … Continue Reading

If I knew a way to change the topic of this post to “Ways To DEFINITELY Get You To Travel The World For FREE” I would but for now, we will have to do with ways to help you save money when travelling and implicitly, by saving you money – help you see more of … Continue Reading