A visit to Paris, whether it’s for the first, second or fifteenth time will most likely include sites like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. That being said, there are heaps of secret spots in Paris to visit that are sometimes hidden in plain sight. 

There are heaps of lesser-known places in Paris. From gorgeous markets, free things to see and the kind of places that portray Paris in a different light and give you a new perspective on this gorgeous French city. 

So, to help you along the way, take a look at some of the secret spots in Paris to visit. Have the most amazing time in the city and have loads of fun! 

1.) Ride the Curious Dodo Manège

Carousel Fairground in Paris to visit

The Dodo Manège is a beautiful and unique carousel comprising of extinct and endangered animals. This attraction is relatively new to Paris and we actually didn’t take a pic of it when we saw it. I have no idea how that happened! 

Only erected in 1992, Dodo Manège is situated relatively close to the Natural History Museum. Jump on board this traditional carousel with a difference and ride a dodo, an aepyornis (imagine Big Bird from Sesame Street… just not yellow) and even a panda.

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2.) Rub the rather cheeky Victor Noir 

Victor Noir Grave Rub Best Things To Do In Paris

Almost 150 years after his death, Victor Noir has become a legend of sorts after a bronze statue was erected over his tomb.

I did a double-take when looking at this tomb! Take a look at his trouser line… you will see why.

Urban legend suggests that if you place one single flower in his top hat, kiss his lips and (if you dare) a little rub of his excited trouser hump – you will be forever granted the perfect husband and amazing ‘in the bedroom’ activities for the rest of eternity.

A very cheeky tradition, wouldn’t you say?

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3.) Catacombs of Paris

Best Things To Do In Paris Catacombs Skulls Visit

These Catacombs of Paris house the remains of up to six million people.

This curious site is located right beneath the Parisian streets which you’ll walk and was set up by city officials to solve the growing problem of full cemeteries.

Take an eerie journey into the infamous catacombs, something that is becoming increasingly well known. I would definitely recommend visiting on a weekday morning when queues are less and footfall is lower.

It’s not uncommon to be waiting for at least two hours if you visit on a weekend.

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4.) The Montmartre Vineyards

Vineyard in Paris Montmartre To Visit Wine

The Montmartre Vineyard has been in this area of Paris for over 800 years and is now the last active vineyard in the whole city How could I have not known?

Wine and Paris are two of my favourite things. Take a trip to visit around October when grape picking seasons kicks off at the annual, Fête des Vendanges.

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5.) Sewers of Paris

Sewer Tour in Paris To Visit

Fancy seeing some underground sites in Paris?

Quite literally, I might add. Then take a unique tour through the vaulted labyrinthine ceiling sewer system – complete with a sewer boat and even a sewer wagon… intrigued?

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6.) Dome of Sacré Coeur Basilica

Inside Sacre-Coeur Basilica In Paris France

The famous Sacré Coeur Basilica is one of the city’s most iconic sights but few people realise that once you’ve climbed the terraces for a beautiful view across Paris you can continue your journey to the very top of the Dome.

If you’re feeling fit and raring for more step climbing, you can climb the narrow 300 stairs to see a breathtaking panoramic view across the whole city.

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7.) Flame of Liberty

The Flame of Liberty Best Things To Do In Paris

Fancy seeing an iconic piece of New York City while in Paris?

As you may know, France offered the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the United States, with the Flame of Liberty showcasing this friendship on French soil.

If you’re planning a visit, get off at a Subway stop, ‘Alma-Marceau’ – with the Flame of Liberty being close by.

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8.) 59 Rivoli 

59 Rivoli Best Things To Do In Paris

If you’re an art fantastic, chances are that you’ve been to the Louvre to see Mona Lisa amongst other famed pieces of art on offer in the city.

When next you’re in Paris, take a step away from the path well trodden and see a more ‘fringe’ art scene in Paris – 59 Rivoli.

For so many years 59 Rivoli was an artists’ squat dating back to the 1800’s. Nowadays, 59 Rivoli has been fully renovated and returned to its original artistic ethos. 59 Rivoli is now a welcoming space to freely see and exhibit art.

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9.) Witness the French Revolution via the cannonball in a wall

Mansion Hotel de Sens Canon Ball Paris

For a bit of a reflective reminder of the French Revolution, head over to Hotel De Sens.

Mansion Hotel de Sens Canon Ball In Paris

At the hotel, there’s a rather unassuming Cannonball still lodged in the hotel walls.

Fired during the revolution, it can easily be seen by passers-by with a date of ‘impact’ etched on the side of the wall.

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10.) Visit Point Zero

Best Things To Do In Paris Point Zero

Point Zero is the traditional epicentre of Paris and this point marks the point of distance to anywhere else around the country.

Nowadays, it has become a sort of legendary spot to ‘wish’ or request certain things. Although centrally located, most visitors miss the plate as it is sunken right into the ground.

If you do decide to go looking for this in Paris, it’s located right next to Notre Dame, visit here to drop a coin, kiss a loved one, perform a dance and hopefully be granted a wish.

11.) Let Salvador Dali tell you the time

Dali Best Things To Do In Paris

Based above Rue Saint-Jacques, this curious sundial was designed by famed artist, Salvador Dali.

There’s lots of interpretation around what this piece means, which I’m still yet to fully understand… then again that’s surely the point of Dali’s work.

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12.) Find one of Paris’s elusive medallions 

Best Things To Do In Paris Arago Plate Street

Peppered across the city are 135 unassuming bronze Arago medallions that most visitors fail to notice.

Although they look random and seem to follow no order, they denote the traditional Paris Meridian Time (just like the Greenwich Mean time in London).

Try on your next trip to Paris to see how many you can spot.

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13.) Visit the man stuck in the wall

Man in wall Things To See In Paris Le Passe-Muraille

“The passer through the wall” is a statue that is seemingly half in and half out of the wall’.

Although, popular in French literature most people may not have heard the story of “Le Passe-Muraille” by Marcel Aymé. It is all about a man named M. Dutilleul who discovers that he can walk through walls.

The story goes that he became far too cocky and headstrong, getting himself stuck in between walls which has people, to this day, still trying to ‘pull him out’ of the wall (which you can probably tell by his polished hand) to no avail as alas he is truly stuck.

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