London has a whole heap of places to see and things to do. If you’ve got a hankering for a quirky restaurant, independent coffee shops, epic views of the city or to explore the best markets in London, the city has it all.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Londoner, or just stopping in the city for a fleeting visit, there are always new and exciting markets that spring up at a moments notice.

Best of all, these markets have a treasure-trove of goodies and trinkets to discover. I mean, that’s the best thing about markets, right? Never really knowing what you’ll find or see.

Well, that’s my excuse to stroll around them all!

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Anyway, before I ramble about my trotting around the city, I wanted to share the very best markets in London that you should definitely visit. You’re going to love them. 🇬🇧

1.) Hackney Flea Market

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The Hackney Flea Market happens almost every Saturday in Abney Hall. Expect everything from collectables, old memorabilia, lots of antiques and some dodgy-old VCR’s that you might never want. 🤷‍♂️

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It’s a proper treasure trove of stalls to explore and one of the best markets in London. Well, Flea Markets anyway.

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2.) Mercado Metropolitan

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Mercado Metropolitan is the new kid on the block. Especially when it comes to markets in Elephant And Castle.

Set up as a shared space, Mercado Metropolitan has a number of foody stalls, deli and even an underground cinema that’s totally unique. You have to actually climb through a hole in the wall to get inside! It’s so cool.

Anyway, make sure to visit here for some weekend drinks, nibbles and plenty of live music that happens too.

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3.) Gorge at Borough Market 

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Yes, yes… everyone knows Borough. But, with good reason, I say! Possibly one of the most famous food markets in London, Borough Market is still a firm favourite of mine.

Yes, it’s well-known, yes, it’s usually busy and yes, it’s full of Londoners and visitors alike. But that’s what makes Borough Market so great. It’s a hive of activity that literally centres around food.

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Stalls regularly change but there are a few seasoned stalls that are years old. Make sure to grab some of the wedges of cheese at the Borough Cheese Co, gorge at Bread Ahead and stop off at the Cartwright Brothers for some bubbles and wine.

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4.) Maltby Street Market

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Opening every weekend, Maltby Street Market is a little like a lesser-known Borough Market.

Expect lots of foody goodness, plenty of wine and some amazing street food. Make sure to visit around midday when all the stalls will be open.

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5.) Brick Lane Market 

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One of my favourite things to do on a sleepy Sunday afternoon is to visit Brick Lane Market. Which, come to think of it – is the busiest day for stalls.

If you’re into finding some hidden gems, you’ll love this spot.

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Yes, it can be a little unorganised but that’s part of the fun. Especially when searching for Bric-a-brac.

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6.) Camden Market 

The London Neighbourhood of Camden: Where To Shop, Eat and Party! (17)

Camden Market is actually a cluster of markets that are all dotted around the same area and lock in Camden itself.

Head to the stables markets, visit the outdoor markets and explore one of London’s neighbourhoods that are filled with everything you can imagine.

You’ll find everything from grunge, high-fashion, homemade cakes and epic brews. All mixed together! After all, that’s what makes London so great.

The London Neighbourhood of Camden: Where To Shop, Eat and Party! (10)

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7.) Columbia Road Flower Market

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No guessing needed for what Columbia Road Flower Market is all about! 🤣 

Yep, it’s a market filled with flowers, cacti, plants, anything you can grow in fact – you’ll find it here. Browse the stalls (which smell amazing by the way) and pop into some of the local shops, too.

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Nelly Duff has some great art and the Future Mapping Company for some pretty maps/art. You’ll love it.

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8.) Greenwich Market

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The best days to visit Greenwich Market has to be Wednesday-Sunday when more stalls fill this historic market spot. Best of all, you won’t get soaked to the bone if that London drizzle appears. Greenwich Market is mainly inside.

Make sure to visit the Teabird stalls that sell a whole heap of vintage crockery.

Ohhh, also visit Moss & Fern who create some of the prettiest terrariums I’ve seen.

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9.) Covent Garden Market

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Again, most people have heard of Covent Garden – it’s an area in Central London that’s always popular with visitors and locals. But, with good reason.

Pop into the Apple Market, where they have everything from historic paintings from Glyn, artefacts from Holland Antiques and Hey for some unique jewellery. It really is a gorgeous and one the best markets in London to visit.

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10.) Bermondsey Market 

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Every Friday and Saturday, Bermondsey market opens its stalls for us all to enjoy. If you’re looking for some bric-a-brac or antiques, make sure you visit on Friday before it closes at 2 pm.

If it’s food you’re after, pop in on Saturday morning before 2 pm. Perched in Bermondsey Square – it’s a great little spot to explore if you’re already in the area.

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11.) Portobello Road Market 

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If you love antiques, you’ll love Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. It’s a little-known fact that the market itself is officially the largest in the world. Well, for antiques, anyway.

One of my fav stalls is Cameras London who has shelves of antique cameras (most working, some not) that are so gorgeous. I’m always on the lookout for a good deal when I get there. Bear in mind that prices can be a little higher than outside of London.

It’s worth remembering that when looking for something specific you know you might find somewhere else. But, for something unique, Portobello Road Market is the place to be. It really is one of the best markets in London.

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12.) Petticoat Lane market

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In recent years, Petticoat Lane has lost a few of its traders but it’s a great little street to visit if you’re in nearby Shoreditch or Brick Lane.

Here, you’ll find plenty of stalls selling out-of-season branded clothing and some gorgeous African print and colourful cloth shops that always catch my eye.

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