Just been pondering a few things I would like some thoughts on. This isn’t even a travel, food or home post so I’m not even sure where to put this thing on the blog. Pretty sure it doesn’t even belong on here but I’m not letting that stop me so please do share your thoughts on the following…

1.) Should we get snapchat? It feel like something we should but I’m not 100% sure how we’d even use it apart from me sending your random videos of food? *scratches head*

2.) What village did you visit last? Not city – village.

3.) What is the difference between diet coke and coke zero?

4.) Is it ever going to snow in London?

5.) Will I ever get over my addiction to sweet and salty popcorn?

6.) Why is there always a smell of delicious chicken outside my building (even though there’s no chicken restaurant around)?

7.) I don’t like dieting and I’m not so keen on exercise. How can I shift my…er… Christmas pounds?

8.) Is this my new vice? (I honestly can’t stop thinking about it)

9.) Strawberries or Raspberries?

10.) What African city would you most like to visit?

Pondering Life

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